Thursday, 24 December 2009

Felice Varini- Illusion in Art

I just have to first say how much I admire Felice Varini and his art work. I have seen these before but just thought... yes, wow... but now, having seen these again, I'm shouting WOW!!! Seriously, seeing his whole series of work... it is truly stunning and some may say, oh its simple... just shapes painted on the wall, how is this art...

NO! Not only is this art, it shows great perception, perspective and awareness of space, angles... To be able to do something like this, so much calculation involved. Some may say Varini is a mathmatician!!

I have attached an array of his work for you to just admire... I can not comprehend how this is done... must take lots of practice and for him, he must just be able to SEE what he needs to do! If I was ever going to do anything like this, it would take me AGES to map out and it would be so confusing..

Anyway, enjoy and be stunned by his work.

Also, check out his official website with LOADS more work:

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