Sunday, 6 December 2009

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs Film Review


I finally managed to watch Cloudy with a chance of me atballs, and it was visually stunning, and just engrossed you into the world of giant food!! The only regret is missing out on it in 3D; after seeing it 2D, I spotted its 3D potential and it would've been AMAZING.

The plot revolves around a boy, Flint, who lives in a "sardine town"; all they eat are sardines, and it is always grey and miserable... but he loves inventing, carrying out his passion even amidst the ridicule from people around him. He aspires to create something that will improve everyone's life and the result of which is a machine that can covert water into any food desired. By accident, his machine is sent into space, and it starts raining food!

Flint, fulfilling the requests of everyone around him, feels proud of himself, honoured, and praised, something he never received from his father... but it all goes terribly wrong, when giant food starts falling from the sky!

I thought the plot was generally strong, and the film turns into an adventure halfway through, which was enjoyable and filled with humour. There is great attention to detail, and the little things they put in MADE the film, e.g. the crazy monkey gummy bear scene, the Great Wall fortune cookie scene and the crazy chicken Brent!

I absolutely LOVED the world that was created, it was so appealing and engrossing; you were dreaming of being there, bouncing on the jelly castle, having an ice-cream snowball fight. It was visually stunning!

The humour was subtle and I was laughing almost all the time. The food attack on the worldwide destinations (especially China's great wall) was soo funny!!

Not only was the world one you could imagine and relate to, the characters were genuine and very likeable.

Both Flint Lockwood and Sam Sparks (notice the cleverness with the names!) are geeky and funny and the animated chemistry was very apparent and strong!

However, many of the side characters add to the humour, especially Flint's dad, whose face alone creates comedic appeal, as well as Earl and Cal Devereaux, and Steve the monkey!

The DVD comes with a shedload of extra features, although most of them are to do with the soundtrack- music video- making of- etc... which isnt very interesting.

The extended scenes that were available were limited- there were only 2!! I think there should've been more, unless there weren't any left?

Also there is a game on there that is like a dodge the food one, however the controls are unbelievably difficult or maybe I just can't work it. I couldn't get past 5 seconds of the game.. and just gave up!

This was not only visually stunning, but emotive and funny. The characters were relatable, and sweet. I really like the storyline and the world they created was so immersive, I could live in it...

I would have to criticise it for being a bit (JUST a bit) too shallow... the storyline lacked depth and meaning... compared to Disney Pixar (with their really deep and moving storylines), this was just a lot of fun, although it was quite moving at the end, even though we KNEW Flint just would NOT die...

This is (perhaps) the best animated film of 2009... (I love UP but this may just be more likeable for me. Kind of stuck between the two...)

NOTE: The DVD from Amazon came with a 50p meatball voucher (awesome right!?) that expires late 2010, so if you intend to get the DVD and make use of the voucher, get it before it expires!

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