Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Christmas Trees

It's the week of Christmas! One of the most iconic things about Christmas is the Christmas tree. You see it, and you know it is Christmas related. But here are some odd or special Christmas trees you won't see often!

First we have the Pac-Man tree, which I think is quite funky... it doesn't really look like a christmas tree, just has a few stars and trees on there... hmm... it would be even more awesome if you could play on it.

A Sushi Tree! Only the Japanese could come up with this... but totally yummy!

A tree of Teddy bears!! That's just awesome... I would definitely have THAT in my house :)

Now for some more extravagant trees- A gold christmas tree... pretty costly!

And finally, a Swarovski crystal christmas tree, made entirely of Swarovski Crystals! It looks stunning, so stoic and just wow. It is quite iconic of the brand, they always have amazing displays.

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