Friday, 25 December 2009

Merry Christmas 2009!

Just want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

All the best!

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Felice Varini- Illusion in Art

I just have to first say how much I admire Felice Varini and his art work. I have seen these before but just thought... yes, wow... but now, having seen these again, I'm shouting WOW!!! Seriously, seeing his whole series of work... it is truly stunning and some may say, oh its simple... just shapes painted on the wall, how is this art...

NO! Not only is this art, it shows great perception, perspective and awareness of space, angles... To be able to do something like this, so much calculation involved. Some may say Varini is a mathmatician!!

I have attached an array of his work for you to just admire... I can not comprehend how this is done... must take lots of practice and for him, he must just be able to SEE what he needs to do! If I was ever going to do anything like this, it would take me AGES to map out and it would be so confusing..

Anyway, enjoy and be stunned by his work.

Also, check out his official website with LOADS more work:

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Murat Suyur- Photographer

Murat Suyar is a photographer whose conceptual ideas are very unique and at times hilarious. I think they are verging beyond typical standard photography and moving to a more surreal art form.

You can see that it's really strange and not always shot like that and perhaps a lot of photo manipulation is needed... I think they are nice as conceptual ideas and advert style media but classed as photography... really... hmm... I just don't think you can use too much Photoshop!!

But his ideas are really good and inspiring!

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Fashion and Confusion by Nancy Lan

Today, I bring to you "Fashion and Confusion" by Nancy Lan... when I first saw these it took me a while to work out exactly what was going on... it was truly confusing... but fashion? I think not. What is presented clotheswise in these images are hideous. The patterns burn my eyes... seriously, what is up with these flowerly, not flowery, crazy patterns!!! (The 2nd and 3rd are vaguely acceptable)... perhaps they were trying to appeal to the clothing directors of Ugly Betty!

Anyway, what makes these immensely interesting is the composition and the idea of illusion. They are really strange and somewhat alien but when you look closely the way they hide body parts/ heads/ face etc... is very clever!!!

Christmas Trees

It's the week of Christmas! One of the most iconic things about Christmas is the Christmas tree. You see it, and you know it is Christmas related. But here are some odd or special Christmas trees you won't see often!

First we have the Pac-Man tree, which I think is quite funky... it doesn't really look like a christmas tree, just has a few stars and trees on there... hmm... it would be even more awesome if you could play on it.

A Sushi Tree! Only the Japanese could come up with this... but totally yummy!

A tree of Teddy bears!! That's just awesome... I would definitely have THAT in my house :)

Now for some more extravagant trees- A gold christmas tree... pretty costly!

And finally, a Swarovski crystal christmas tree, made entirely of Swarovski Crystals! It looks stunning, so stoic and just wow. It is quite iconic of the brand, they always have amazing displays.

Saturday, 19 December 2009

Nacho Gil's Animals

I really like this set of "Animals" by Nacho Gil. The simplicity of the shapes and the tones involved, make these appear prismic, and parts of it almost like its crystal, whilst it could also be origami or paper folded. These are extremely dynamic and interesting and really good designs.

There is so much that graphics and art provide and the combination of the two can create some wonderful and useful things!

My favourite ones are the gorilla, giraffe and cheetah.

Alix Malka- Photographer

Alix Malka is a fashion photographer and he has shot some really stunning stuff... Below are two magazine spreads with his work. I especially like the underwater shoot, so fluid and explosive. The movement is also graceful and striking, along with the use of colour and contrast make them really effective photographs.

The Flair Magazine shoot is also vibrant and full of colour, and these are more sci fi and funky. the close ups work really well, and emphasises the shapes of the face but also shows off the jewellery. More importantly, they are striking photographs that make you look at them, and thus become successful ads.

For Numero Tokyo:

Jewellery Editorial for Flair Magazine:


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