Saturday, 28 November 2009

Ugly Betty Season 4 Episode 7 RECAP

So the episode started with reports of Willhemina wearing crazy clogs and sports wear... really DOES NOT suit her... XD but thankfully she returns with a very stylish and high fashion fur coat. Marc dressed well as well, and both their outfits are very well colour co-ordinated :P

Elsewhere, Amanda asks Matt out on a date... notice her crazy awesome hair... Its like some crazy amonite mollusc shell fossil... it just looked amazing! :)

Their date consisted of Wii Sports Tennis with Amanda wearing very "inappropriate) clothing haha...

But the episode mainly consisted of rescuing Daniel from the "Community of the Phoenix" which resulted in Betty stalking the male bathroom...

After also infiltrating the building with her cover up story of writing an article, Betty didn't really get anywhere... So an all-out rescue mission with Betty, Matt, Amanda and Claire was in action...

In the end, they did manage to rescue him... and Natalie leaves... so is this goodbye forever? Hopefully yes, she was awefully annoying in the last few episodes.

Other mentions include Claire receiving the details to the son she gave up for adoption:

I have no idfea what this is, looks like a seat, and it is awesome... it looks so stylish... not sure how it would be used, but would be fun to just sit on it, maybe sleep? hmm..

Also, Marc found out about Nico's plot to blackmail Willhemina and tells Willhemina. Willhemina schemes to trap her daughter in the act of stealing the family heirloom and banishes her from her sight... Goodbye Yaya Da Costa, you were a good Nico. :)

So next week is the Bahamas episode, where sparks will fly between Matt, Amanda and Betty. Becki Newton (as Amanda) 's real life brother Matt Newton will be joining the cast, I think as Marc's love interest? Don't know how long for, but would be interesting as Marc is Amanda's real life best friend... :P

Also, apparently Connor might NOT be dead? D: lots to look forward to!

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