Saturday, 14 November 2009

Ugly Betty Season 4 Episode 6 RECAP

The episode started with Betty being given an assignment to write about being fierce and fearless, which she struggles with as everyone sees her as a cautious "good girl". Upon meeting Bobbie, one of Betty's old crushes in High School, also one of Hilda's ex; and spurred by Hilda that she can't get a guy like him, she immediately leeches on to him.

She went over to ask him on a date and it was hilarious what was going through her mind...

but in reality, she stumbles whilst going over and asks him to give her driving lessons instead of her ferocious act of sexuality...

Hilda, meanwhile, out of jealousy, sets Betty up on a date with one of Archie's accountants/book-keepers called Larry, who is boring... looks it too!

This does NOT go well, and Betty sneaks out to see Bobbie.

Meanwhile at Mode, Willhemina, in a struggle to get money, puts herself out to do a Cover, but the only magazine hiring is Claire's Hot Flash... and this is what she wanted:

Amanda, as always, dresses as if she should be on the runway, not as a receptionist! Daniel invites her to one of his group weekend conventions for her to try to find a path...

Amanda goes and spews out loads of funny lines, making Natalie storm off... Go Amanda! Someone got their B**** back. :)

Natalie and that group leader planning some evil scheme.. What IS level 5? And why does Natalie want Daniel to get there so soon? Hmm...

Whilst Betty is hanging out with Bobbie, she has another one of those moments, where she thinks what she is going to do... as Bobbie offers her his (Frescato?)... instead, she gets brainfreeze.

Nico urges Willhemina to hurry up with getting the money... becoming more and more obvious... the angst.. How does Nico's head get propelled so forward... looks weird...

Anyway, Willhemina tells her about Connor, and Nico persuades her to leave everything behind to be with Connor...

At Justin's homecoming, all is revealed, and Betty kisses Bobbie (FOR REAL!)... well atleast she fulfilled one fantasy :P

Marc comes along (having helped Justin cope with school life, choreograph the homecoming cheerleader squad etc etc) and for the first time, he dressed like Betty... patterns patterns patterns... They both look uber-vintage though!

Also, Justin declared that he is NOT GAY.

At the VERY end, such a shock... Willhemina has publicly declared her resignation to the whole world... only to find that Connor was found DEAD, and that all the money will be difficult to retrace.

This was such a good episode... so many things came to light.. yet so many questions:

What will Willhemina do now?
Natalie, Daniel and Level 5?

It failed to address:
-Matt and Betty
-Claire finding her child

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