Sunday, 8 November 2009

Ugly Betty Season 4 Episode 5 RECAP

This week's episode of Ugly Betty saw Betty feeling like she was being replaced. Daniel hires Natalie as his assistant, whilst Matt decides to bring someone else to the charity event instead of Betty...

There wasn't too much going on, but some shocking new revelations (about the same time last season, Christina fell down the stairs, setting off a chain of shocking revelations! Perhaps this season will be the same!)

Firstly, we find that Nico is the one blackmailing Willhemina, and the "detective" is Jonathon! Wow, I hadn't seen this coming until mid episode, just before Nico and Jonathon kiss... hmm... I wonder how this will resolve, most likely Nico will go away soon... Aww, no more Yaya DaCosta from ANTM :P
The second revelation is that Claire and Cal are having an affair? Well, they were always kind of together anyway, but it's been made public this episode... and that they had a child and gave it away to adoption, which at the end, Claire wants to find again..

It's starting to feel like Gossip Girl, plot wise...

Other than that, there wasn't much going on, although there were a lot of style in the closet:

Willhemina's classic trench coat

Marc's print shirt and skinny tie (not sure if that would be allowed in a real workplace, but it's awesome!)
Amanda's jacket and dress combo
Justin's shirt (love the collar)
And Betty looking glamourous at the party. Not sure about the leopard print, but she looked really good in it.

Unfortunately for this ep, there weren't a great deal of laugh out loud moments, but Amanda did manage to pull a few chuckles... hopefully this improves next ep!

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