Friday, 10 April 2009

Tate Modern: TH.2058 Exhibition

I went to the Tate Modern yesterday and was amazed to see this new exhibition in the Turbine Hall called TH.2058. It contained many sculptures which were placed relating to a futuristic world of chaos and destruction and what the world would look like. The alignment of coloured bunkers with books tied to them, one specifically was War Of The Worlds, had deep meaning and fit in well with the exhibition.

The following of a skeleton and the apple core shows destruction, rubbish, dereliction, death and many more symbolic meanings... animal extinction, fight for food, starvation, poverty... well, that's just what I thought when I saw these.

And of course the bright red re-make of Alexander Calder's flamingo, which I looked at for my GCSE project was srunning. The curves and the sharp shapes, and the distinct red colour was really amazing. I wish I could go see the real thing in Chicago and all the other works of Alexander Calder, but being able to see this was really interesting, and shocking as I did not expect this at all going to this exhibition.

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