Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Simon Bond- Photographer

Simon Bond is a photographer who does things differently. He distorts his images and captures them through a crystal ball. The images are STUNNING and the focus is drawn into the spherical object, which emphasises the object.

I think it is a wonderful way to work and there is so much scope for something like this. The images he has shot can instantly be iconic and is an immensely original and creative idea. I love the way the crystal ball and its "contents" are focussed with everything else as a blur. It is as if the scene is captured within the crystal ball.

My favourite picture is the one with the hand sillhouette as it just adds another dimension to the whole image. The colours in all of them are also very sharp and strong.

Simon Bond has created a phenomenon I am sure will catch on, and you can see the mesmerizing shots he took below:


  1. Dear Simon
    Hi, I love your work on crystal , its amazing. I have a business proposal for you. I would appreciate if you could contact me for further discussion.
    Thank you in advance
    Sima Azad

    1. Please contact Simon directly via his official website


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