Friday, 25 September 2009

Scribblenauts DS Review

Scribblenauts is a new DS game that works on a concept that you can write ANYTHING and it comes up in game as a useable object, with which you can use to solve the level... Interesting? Read on.

The game box has a colourful front, and well designed in my opinion with many objects coming from a notepad, which represents the game very well... Although slightly childish, the concept is very much adult, and anyone can play this!! Here's how...

Each "world" (there are 10 in total) have two sections, one action and one puzzle, and each divide has a further 10 levels. In total, there are 200 levels... and aim of which is to get a small yellow star.

That might sound easy, but there are many obstacles in the way. The star may be blocked by a trap, it might be at the bottom of the sea; or even guarded by a dragon. The aim is for you to summon objects which will aid you in collecting the star.

Without spoiling too much, you might write scuba kit in your notebad to dive, a car to drive, a rope to tie things with etc... the possibilities are endless (almost!)

After completing each level you can opt to complete it a further 3 times with different objects which is advanced mode... this is purely optional.

After completing each level, you are graded on the amount of objects used, the lower the better, the time spent, and creativity... which gain you game currency called OLLARS (It's pretty cringeable!) with which you can buy songs, avatars, and unlock new worlds!

Each level ranges in difficulty and there are a variety of different hardnesses in each world, the world number does not correspond to its difficulty, although it can be assumed that it generally gets slightly more challenging.

I will have to say that the difficulty isn't in gaining the star, but believing that you could do certain things in game to your advantage, which actually makes certain levels uber-easy! I personally use a few objects over and over and passes levels really really quickly... Of course there's not much fun in that, so I'm going to have to do them on advanced mode.

The game advertises itself as being able to write anything and it comes up in game, which is of course FALSE. The game is for 7+ so there are a number of ground rules, for example, nothing vulgar (such as sexual parts), anything with copyright (such as Sims plumbob... XD I did try!) and anything that could be discriminatory.

However, I was surprised to find that you can summon *SPOLER ALERT*

GOD and the DEVIL... this is slightly controversial! But they have a range of "made believe" things as well... either way its up for the debate.. Personally touches like these make the game more surprising and uplifting... makes you go "WOW, I can't believe I can do this!"

However, SOME basic items are NOT in game. One level asked me to prepare breakfast, so I thought PANCAKES, but to my disappointment, that seems to be a food the Scribblenauts Team disliked and omitted it from the game. Instead, the chef had to eat birthday cake and wine.

With your OLLARS you can buy Avatars, but these are only limited to about 9 which I found extremely disappointing! I would've expected a LOT more since the game has so many summonable characters!!

There are also songs you can buy, but I personally do not bother with them. Who would listen to them anyway? It's not like you could put songs from iTunes into it... really seemed pointless...

A nice feature is that on the start screen, there is a mini playable area, where you can just summon anything and watch them interact, and by summoning new objects, a new platform was unlocked (Ice, space, island etc).

The game is extremely enjoyable, and one where you get many "Ooohs" and "wows"... The vast amount of ways in which one can solve a level is also to be praised, and sharing unique moments with others has also made my gaming experience more fun... It is hilarious what you can do in it...

Some people choose to play it very conventionally, whilst others play it with a more creative mind, summoning to their content the likes of Dragons, fairies and witches... and finding all these different objects and how to use them to your advantage is part of the learning process and a majority of the fun...

The game can be purchased for around £30 in most game stores, and slightly cheaper online!

I have heard about this game for quite a while, and in the beginning was not very hyped up. As I previously played the game "Drawn to Life", where you can draw things and use them in game that was a really bad game in my opinion, did not keep my attention, I just gave up.

This is totally different. Not only is it addictive, it brings gaming to a whole new level, which reminds me I forgot to talk about graphics! Oops...

The graphics are pretty simple, mostly 2D, but the colourful animated settings and objects, and the particular attentions to detail make you forget all that! It is definitely a game that is great, as it does not need the graphics to push it up!

Anyway, as I was saying, it is an original concept, and it works, VERY WELL. I can see myself playing this, trying to pass a level, stuck and try again, and it has long lasting value... It is also a social game, where you share with your friends ways to complete levels, share experiences, unique exciting objects you summoned and so on.

I would recommend this to anyone who can write English, even 5 year olds plus, helps them to spell and recognise English and it provides an experience that anyone of any age would greatly appreciate.

I hope my review has convinced you to BUY this game, but if not, make sure you force your friends to so you can have a go too!

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