Sunday, 1 November 2009

P!nk- Funhouse Album

I was introduced to this album by a friend who is absolutely crazy about her, love her guts and constantly thrusts her music at me making it very difficult to avoid... and upon giving this a try, realise it really WASN'T worth it.

Funhouse is Pink's 5th studio album.

The first word that comes to mind when looking at this excuse for a cover is, C-H-E-A-P. Many questions spring to mind, such as what in the heavens is she doing to that horse? And all this time I thought she was pro-animal rights... Horsie, I advise you file for sexual harassment.

This is the track list with in depth details for each song.

1. So What
The first thing you hear in this song is Pink going "na na na..." repetitively. Whilst attempting to taunt, she'll find that the jokes on her, as this is not only annoying, but a failure at trying to copy some of the repetitions people DO like, such as the Um-be-rella, ella, ella and the womanizer that it is competing with. Also, judging from the name, "so what", not only does Pink NOT care, but she begs us not to either. Perhaps we should stop listening to this album right now... but then you wouldn't hear the other desperate attempts this female makes.

2. Sober
I have to congratulate Pink on this one. It is up tempo and a huge improvement on the last. Personally, I think she was drunk when she wrote this, but nonetheless enjoyable until you grow tired of it after about a dozen plays.

3. I don't believe you
I don't believe Pink either. How could she produce this? Not only is it flat, it's trying to be something Pink isn't; a style that isn't hers. I skip this song almost every time, and I advise you do too.

4. One foot wrong
I'm not sure what she means in the song. It feels so multi-dimensional, yet confused. Perhaps she's describing the actions taken in her album cover. Who knows? If someone can explain to me what she means, that'll be great, but I don't think I'll be listening to this one either way... Again, repetitive and uninspired.

5. Please don't leave me
I didn't take Pink for one who begged, but obviously judging by this one, she has fallen to doing so. Understandably, she broke up with her husband prior to the release of this, so I kudos to her, but we really don't need her private life spewed all over it.

6. Bad influence
If this is her excuse for this "rubbish" album, NOT accepted. NEXT.

7. Funhouse
Another one where she tries to be more pop and up tempo and it doesn't suit her style. The song with the album title should be a major hit, and in her case, it is a flop. Sometimes I wonder if she is even trying. During the release of this, many other artists, such as Britney Spears and Take That released albums with a similar circus theme, and Pink followed suit, yet she doesn't stand out doing so, and feels like she copied them instead.

8. Crystal Ball
I hope she can foresee a better next album. This song is a MISS.

9. Mean
Now this is what I'm talking about. MEAN is the word I would commonly associate with Pink, and this song perhaps rescue the album from the deathly hallows, but a little too late. At track 9, anyone listening to this would've given up by now...

10. It's all your fault
Another pitiful excuse for this album which is an acceptable song. She sounds really quite breathy and annoying, but lyric wise is appropriate, a little desperate though.

11. Ave Mary A
The pun in the title is lame, and so is the song. Again, it is not Pink's style at all.

12. Glitter in the Air
The word glitter should not even appear in Pink's dictionary, let alone be used as a song, and the finishing one! What has this world come to! A bad track to finish the album, would much prefer SO WHAT, showing how she has a bad ass don't care attitude...

Not worth it even if it was 1p... well, if it was worth 1p, I'd sell it on ebay and buy myself something worth listening to!

So many things could be said about this album. One might think that at album 5, she really knows what she's doing. She should. She doesn't.

1) Pink appears to try and change her image by her slightly more sexualised, yet WRONG, album cover, and the songs within are NOT PINK, but more up tempo and pop, which does NOT suit her voice, nor her style.
2) It sounds really desperate and over personalised that no one can really associate or relate to the lyrics. Whilst we understand her recent break up would be hard, we do not need her mental regurgitation spewing everywhere.

Finally, I beg Pink lovers not to hate me for writing this review. It is of my personal opinion. I used to like Pink, but this latest contribution is really disappointing, and I advise everyone who is new to Pink or a long time fan NOT to get this album and resort to her prior ones.


OK I admit to not having listened to a majority of the songs on her album... but from the ones I have heard, I think I have the right to slag her off just a little :P It is really a step down from her previous stuff anyway... so there...

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  1. Interesting review. I know you mentioned Kelly Clarkson on here before, so could you do a review of her CD All I Ever Wanted? I'm debating whether I should buy it or not.


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