Thursday, 19 November 2009

Nicole Fox's Portfolio (America's Next Top Model Cycle 13 Winner)

So Nicole is the winner of Cycle 13 (YAY!!!) and here is her portfolio. I have to say, EVERY single photo is good.. All of them are stunning (a little slip back on the Cirque Du Soleil one) but she rocked every single one.

Check out her portfolio, you wouldn't be able to tell she is 5 foot 7.

My favourite picture has to be picture four, where she wears the head scarf... I am a sucker for crazy broken up "barbie doll" poses... I think Tyra called her a "fierce Gollum" and she definitely was fierce!


  1. What a work!!! Absolutely astonishing. I really adore the poses and really meant for portfolio..
    Have a look upon modelagentur.. I hope you ll love it

  2. check out my video me and nicole in hollywood :)


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