Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Jeff Koons

For my GCSE project I looked at Jeff Koons and his work. As I was looking at playground, colour and all things appealing, his work was greatly inspiring. The surfaces and colour, especially the topic of some of his sculptures are of extreme interest.

I really like his balloon sculptures made of chrome and paint:

I made a balloon dog and covered it with newspaper and Argos Catalogue (toys section) to try and imitate the effect... it was interesting, not totally successful as a future development...

I also like his other reflective colourful pieces, such as his animal mirrors (some of which are at the Tate Modern):

I think these are extremely successful pieces and an immediate style can be drawn from them. It also allows you to feel slightly childish again, the mix of colour, animals, balloons... just appealing all round!

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