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The Fame / The Fame Monster- Lady Gaga Album Review

This is Lady Gaga's second album, titled The Fame Monster, and included is her debut album "The Fame". Effectively, we are getting two albums for the price of one.

The album cover shows Lady Gaga in vintage clothing, and is a black and white cover. It is a very well styled Gaga, but doesn't reflect the change in music style she has undergone, yet the black and white does reflect the dark undertones found in some songs.


Disk One
1) Bad Romance 5/5
Bad Romance is an AWESOME start to the album. It has a new feel to her music. It still feels like Lady Gaga but with an added edge. The "Ra ra ah ah ah, Ra ma..." bit is very catchy and there is a fluency throughout the song. The chorus is upbeat and exciting, as is the song as a whole.

2) Alejandro 4.5/5
A nice beaty introduction, and feels quite "The Fame", with a catchy chorus. It does feel a bit more poppy than the Gaga we have known, but it is a nice upbeat and easy to listen to song.

3) Monster 3.5/5
This song starts slightly synthetic and a bit too electronic, but turns into a more "Gaga" feel. Again, the chorus sounds a bit too poppy, yet mixes with a dance and rhythmic backing... It is a weird mix which somehow works!

4) Speechless 4/5
It starts with a powerful vocal from Gaga, and develops into a powerful ballad, which is interesting, and is a different side to Gaga, we have rarely seen. I think it works but Gaga really should stick to her dance tracks, because that is what she does BEST.

5) Dance in the dark 3.5/5
The song starts off with a great Gaga feel, but moves onto a song that is another track that sounds more poppy and mixed with dance than the Gaga we have known and loved. It isn't a bad song, but it is starting to feel more generic opposed to the unique and original style we have got to know.

6) Telephone (Featuring Beyonce) 4.5/5
This is perhaps the track which seems to link with "The Fame" the most. It is a great and catchy dance track which is the better of the two Gaga and Beyonce Collabs. I don't really like the Beyonce bit in this, it does not add anything to the song. The song is great for the first two verses, then gets a bit annoying towards the end.

7) So happy I could die 3.5/5
It starts off with a great depth which is catchy and addictive. It has some parts which are good, and others which again, are a bit too poppy...

8) Teeth 2/5
This is a really weird song, lyrics wise and song wise... She sounds a bit like Christina Aguilera! It has a very strong rhythmic backing, and right now, I am just NOT into this song...

Favourites: Bad Romance + Telephone
Tracks to Skip: Teeth

Disc Two: THE FAME

1) Just Dance 3.5/5
Just like it's title suggests, this track is extremely catchy and would be deemed a dance track hit. Whilst it is quite easy to listen to, it loses its appeal after a while, and the Colby O'Donis bridge or coda whatever it was near the end was abit annoying... I just don't really like that bit, it doesn't add anything to the song.

2) Love Game 3.5/5
Another catchy song, although not as great as other tracks. Surprised its put second in the album, but i guess them we can say it gets better as it goes. The song is another one which is great to listen to with all its catchy-ness and upbeat quality but will lose its flavour soon.

3) Paparazzi 5/5
This i have to say is the best song in the entire album. Not only is it, again, catchy, but has some sort of different tone which makes it stand out. It has real depth and the video to the song "makes" it. Out of the whole album, this particular one is unique, and isn't just another dance hit. It has more depth and substance and that's why it's my favourite.

4) Poker Face 4/5
This is the second favourite as it sounds original, contains all the things we like... the repetition seem to appeal to the modern market (Britney's womanizer, Rihanna's umbrella, Kelly Clarkson's i want you etc). It has had so much hype, and it deserves it, but is a bit overrated compared to Paparazzi.

5) I like it Rough 3.5/5
The intro is very addictive and very upbeat, draws you in gradually. It feels very poppy and is one of those songs that is uplifting. However, the lyrics are quite shallow, nothing unique.

6) Eh, Eh (Nothing else I can say) 3.5/5
Has a very poppy and happy intro... and the "gaga" bit makes it kind of like her tag on songs. It is unique and interesting. Again it's a contrast which is quite nice, but seems abit odd.. and this track stands out to being the most odd. It sounds a bit generic and less edgy and mysterious like the rest of her album.

7) Starstruck 3.5/5
A very techno intro we are thrusted into, but we get her "gaga tag, along with a cherry cherry boom boom". The song is a more dance techno feel, it is back on track, and it is very catchy and you will have this stuck in your mind for ages. It is a good track, but not amazing.

8) Beautiful, Dirty, Rich 4/5
The intro has a punk rock feel to it, which is new to the album... but it sounds a lot like the intro to Sugababe's (One Man Revolution?)... and doesn't sound too original. It is a likeable track and gets catchy the more you listen to it... the album moves in a good direction.

9) The Fame 4.5/5
Again, following the style of beautiful, dirty, rich, this is a very modern catchy track, with a unique tune and edge that has Gaga written all over it. This is another one of my favourite tracks. The intro itself gets you into an upbeat mood, whilst the beaty verse is addictive. <3>

10) Money Honey 4/5
A prominent start to the song with strong vocals and again another catchy track; it is Gaga's style and she turns it into her own. However, by now, some of her tracks are sounding abit similar, but it's still got Gaga written all over it.

11) Boys Boys Boys 4/5
Very Summery, and upbeat... the repitition again is catchy. The chorus is good, abit detached from the verse. It's a bit Avril Lavigne, but becomes Gaga with its beats and rhythm, catchy-ness and addictiveness!

12) Paper Gangsta 4/5
I didn't like this song the first time I heard it but it gradually grows on you... It has a slightly darker start, and starts with Gaga being quite "gangsta", which then turns into normal Gaga for the chorus... It is a upbeat and catchy song, but it isn't my favourite.

13) Brown Eyes 3.5/5
Sounds a little like she's drunk, but its listenable... No need to go "bro-o-ow-n" again and again... This isn't really a dance track, nor is it a great pop song, nor a strong ballad... It feels very detached from the rest of her album... However, as a song on its own it is listenable... but anyone could've sung this.

14) Summerboy 3/5
A nice little change... but the end of the chorus starts to sound abit like McFly, but nevertheless still upbeat and catchy. Although a little typical pop, and slightly less "edgy" it is acceptable... although personally I would've omitted it from the album. Again, it does not feel like Gaga...

15) Disco Heaven 3.5/5
Another dance track is thrusted in, this time a slightly awkward position... It does sound a bit like S club and out of all her tracks, does not stand out to be any better than the others.

16) Again Again 4/5
A very dramatic change... seems to be in a whole new universe compared to the other tracks... this one sounds more classic, like a Duffy or Adele song, and I think is a nice end to the album, but Gaga is best at what she does, and it's NOT a timeless ballad. Nevertheless, the song is good on it's own...

Favourites: Paparazzi + Poker Face + The Fame
Tracks to Skip: Summer Boy + Retro, Dance, Freak

Disc One contains very solid tracks, but they start to sound a bit too generic-ly poppy opposed to the Gaga dance pop we have known... Teeth is the only one that I don't really like... It is a good album but I was expecting A LOT more... Bad Romance and Telephone are my favourite tracks on here.

Disc Two has some amazing songs that have quickly become hits such as Poker Face, Paparazzi and Just Dance. However, there are also tracks that don't really fit in and feel awkward in there, such as Again Again and Brown Eyes.

Lady Gaga is a singer to watch. Her music is taking the world by storm, as is her fashion, style and just crazy music videos! If you've never heard of her, or would like to get into her, there's no better place to start then getting this album!

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