Saturday, 28 November 2009

Facebook has a group for everything

I have endured this for too long. Facebook has a group for everything. YES, EVERY SINGLE DAMN THING IN THIS WHOLE WORLD THAT is unecessary, random and totally pointless.

As much as I embrace the fact that thousands of people share the fact they like sleeping on the cold side of the pillow, hating the little triangle that the windscreen wiper misses and that when they're home alone and hear a noise, they freeze and listen for a few seconds; I can actually associate with them, and are small things that we wouldn't talk about but think everytime we see it... BUT some groups are just plain unecessary:

-If X amount of People join- I will do _____
Seriously, people who start these groups just want to get fans and have the biggest group or some crap like that... seriously, those who shave their heads, get married, or name their son Spider Pig really should seek therapy.

-What teachers call copying in a test... we call team work
NO, it's called CHEATING.

The list goes on but I'm too tired to mention them...
And on that note, I'm going to go on a group adding rampage and block up everyone's newsfeed with Matthew Yip just joined the _________________group.

EDIT: I actually failed to join more than 3 groups I can really associate with. ><

Sorry for the rant, it's just annoying that people join every single group that exists and then complain they reached their limit and can't join anymore groups. Urgh...

Maybe I should start a group that says "I joined too many Facebook groups that I've reached my limit" or something to that extent. OH WAIT, it already exists. LAME... Or maybe "That Bailey's Advert Girl has really nice lips"... SHE DOES! OH MY... there is already a group on it... *dies*

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