Monday, 9 November 2009

"The Creative Process"- Art Lecture with Antony Gormley and Quentin Blake

Today, I went to an art lecture in central London called "The Creative Process" at the Institution of Education (Russell Square).

The speakers included Quentin Blake (Illustrator), Antony Gormley (Artist), Rebecca Wright (Illustrator, Artist, Lecturer at Kingston University), Emma Troubridge (Head Scenic Artist at Royal Opera House) and Hilary Vernon Smith (Head Scenic Artist at the National Theatre.

Emma Troubridge and Hilary Vernon Smith
They talked about set design and how they create the set of productions and so on. It was very interesting, and seemed a humongous task to create a set from scratch, and there's so much to do. The realism in their work is great, and the interpretations from designers.

Set of Oedipus at the National Theatre

A set at the Royal Opera House

Quentin Blake
He talked about different books he illustrated. The most famous ones include the illustrations for Roah Dahl and more recently some gallery and exhibition work. It was interesting to hear what he has to say about his distinct style and the way he goes about doing these illustrations from planning, sketches to the final result.

Rebecca Wright
She talked about graphic design and the implications of that for the future. Many of the works she showed were students' works, which were very interesting. A very impressive piece is the HP ad:

Antony Gormley
He is most famous perhaps for the sculpture "The Angel Of The North", and many of this other works I had not known before. He creates with the idea of interior and exterior space in mind, breaking the edges and perception of edges. His works are very interesting and I really like the shapes, lines, forms and shapes in some, whilst others are just a bit mad... just like him!

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