Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Art On A Polystyrene Cup (

I have always loved the idea of creating art out of something simple, ordinary and something we find everyday... and I came across these awesome polystyrene cup drawings from He (i think it's a he) literally has hundreds of these drawn cups... and instead of just having one cup, he links them in a series and almost tells a story.

I really like these designs, some are just abstract, others have a deeper message, and some are just pure random!

Below are just a selection of some of the ones I managed to get through...

There are elements I like from all of them... the text is so sharp and crisp which is very effective, and then theres the textured tones which work great on such a textured surface... and fine detail works great too..!

Which one (s) is/are your favourite?


What do you think? Add your comment here!!


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