Thursday, 19 November 2009

America's Next Top Model Cycle 13 Episode 12 (THE FINALE) RECAP

It's the Season Finale again... This cycle has gone quick! We are down to two girls: Laura and Nicole.

Personally, I want Nicole to win, but Laura is so sweet and funny... so really don't mind either!

The first thing they get is their Covergirl Commercial and Print Ad... and have one line of Hawaiian to learn on their script... Laura has dyslexia, so she obviously would find it difficult... but does she do well?

Yes, she got better and better, and managed a good one overall, whereas Nicole, she didn't really manage a good one in the end... she looked great, but she was a little dead in the eyes... They both pulled off a good photo, but Nigel seems to like Nicole's more (perhaps just editing?)

Next they do their Seventeen Magazine Cover. It wasn't anything, they both did well...

Time for Runway!!! But before that, they get a one on one chat with Tyra... Moving Swiftly on...

The runway... they brought back some of the eliminated girls to do runway as well!! Wow, this is the first time this has been done, quite interesting. We have Erin, Sundai, Brittany and Jennifer.

It's good in a way, but again, kind of steals the thunder of the two finalists... the others shouldn't get this opportunity- they got eliminated!!

When asked, all the girls wanted Laura to win apart from Brittany...

Anyway, Teyona from last cycle did an amazing walk (however much I hate her, she did do well), Nicole did quite well, a bit aggressive of a walk but stomped it... Laura I thought was a bit weird not quite a stomp, appeared weary...

The second outfit, they wore a cloth over their head... Nicole was again more aggressive but looked great (a bit crazy removing the cloth), whilst Laura was much more graceful, slightly alien, but removed the cloth almost perfectly.

The last outfit they were in swimsuits and went on the catwalk with sprinklers... Both did alright, Laura looked more serene again, but Nicole has more edge.


Covergirl Commericial: Laura
Covergirl Photoshoot: Nicole
Runway: Laura

I think judging by this episode alone, Laura did better, but judging throughout the competition, Nicole was much more consistant... but who will win?

The judges basically said lots of good things about Laura, and she seems to be the one they favoured in most areas...

I seriously don't know who will win... probably Laura... but....



Wow, I'm so happy rooted for her the whole way through and so glad she won! It's the first time the person I liked from the very beginning actually wins.. Last cycle was close, with Allison being the finalist...

yay for Nicole! Hopefully her career won't flop like a lot of the other cycle winners, and we will be seeing her in the finale of Cycle 14 which should start in the spring. :)

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