Thursday, 5 November 2009

America's Next Top Model Cycle 13 Episode 10 RECAP

This week the girls have a challenge to pose, be graceful and sexy but not over the top. And their photo challenge was to jump off a cliff whilst being graceful, and the winner not only wins a pearl necklace but gets extra frames on their photo shoot.

Guess who won? NICOLE!! woohoo!!! yay... She is rocking it recently, being called first and winning everything... The winner chose a friend who also got a friend and so on until one person was left, and that person was ERIN! I thought immediately she would be going home.

For the photoshoot they also had to pose underwater, Nicole did an amazing job, she looked so good in her film, although agreeing with the judges, her feet were a bit weird in the photo. However, I love her juxtaposition, much more than Jennifer's straight and slightly boring pose, where she was a bit TOO strong and muscly in my opinion.

The call out order is:
1. Jennifer

2. Nicole

3. Laura

Bottom 2:



I was for SURE that Erin was going home, she was in the bottom two twice in a row already, and Tyra loves Sundai... It was soo easy, like just send Erin home, BUT the biggest shocker was that ERIN was saved AGAIN. WOW.

Next week, apparently TWO girls go HOME. D: This late in the competition, only FOUR girls left, and they're eliminating TWO!? How does this work? This means that in the final episode there will only be two girls? Hmm... odd, but we shall see what happens!!

Since they are eliminating two girls, my thoughts are that NICOLE will definitely be in the final. She has had a very consistant portfolio, and did well at Go-see and the commercial...

Nicole definitely deserves to win, but most the past winners haven't been successful, so she probably do more and better if she DOESN'T win. The other girl really doesn't matter, they are all the same and equal to me... atleast I don't hate them all this time...

Nicole FOR THE WIN. :)


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