Thursday, 15 October 2009

America's Next Top Model Cycle 13 Episode 7 RECAP

OK so this week, they were going on Go-Sees!! The Go-See episode is always an exciting one, and the tables turn on the models, as it is a completely different task! So the girls were paired up and they had to drive themselves around New York!! Wow this is new and think its cool, however slightly unfair in my opinion...

Anyway, Nicole won the challenge YAY! I didn't think she would do well, as all the quirky ones fail at go-see and risk elimination.

At the photoshoot, they had to pose with weapons on a harness and were very martial arts. Nicole did amazingly, as did Jennifer, Erin and Laura. Nicole got called first, so its a double win for her this week! YAY!

My top 3:

Most of the girls are likeable.. the only one i dont like left is SUNDAI... if she goes the rest are all cool they can win and i wont mind! keke but Nicole is still my favourite.


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