Friday, 25 September 2009

America's Next Top Model Cycle 13 Episode 4 RECAP

So yesterday i watched ANTM and it was an ok episode... dramawise, the tables were turned and this time it was lulu and ashley who were the biatches in the ep! they were talking about EVERYONE, literally... luckily, Nicole (who is soo sweet) was kind to Bianca who felt so bad for being in the bottom two twice in a row... but i dislike her and she won't last very long anyway....

They had a runway challenge which was walking tall against a normal sized model who compared to them were uber-tall! Some did well others didn't...

At photoshoot, they meant to elongate themself with the probs in the back and so on, and Nicole did an awesome job she looked like a GIANT!!! Seriously, was she on stilts or what?!

At Panel, Kara was called first although I didnt think she did very well.... she did terrible imo!

So my top 3 this week are:

1) Nicole
2) Erin
3) Jennifer


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