Friday, 6 November 2009

Amazing and Peculiar Rock Formations

Doing Geography last year meant that I learnt a lot about rocks, their properties and their formations, and a lot of it is just the same processes happening at distinct areas making them special. A lot of them consist of erratics ending up in a location with erosion and undercutting from beneath. Others are odd shaped tors, which undergoes the process of freeze thaw weathering. However, for some of the below AMAZING and PECULIAR rock formations, I just cannot tell you how they're formed!!!

Geography aside, they are just WOWing. The shapes that are formed, the shadows made, and the contrast between them all. Such variation due to very small changes of condition meant that they form like they do!

Fantasy Canyon

Pancake Rock

Three Stooges,

The Giant's Causeway, N Ireland

Wave Rock, Australia

The Pinnacles, Australia

Goreme Valley Fairy Chimneys, Turkey

Devil's Tower, USA

Mushroom Rock, USA

I'd love to be able to visit some of these places in real life, the scenery is just stunning! If you could pick one of the places to go, which would it be?

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