Sunday, 1 November 2009

Virtual Villagers DS Game

I finally completed Virtual Villagers on the DS after 3 days of playing... it was actually quite a good game!!! It is a popular PC game, but it now also has a DS counterpart... On the DS, it combines all three chapters on the PC into one, which makes it really worthwhile, although there are reduced amounts of puzzles. Basically, some islanders have escaped from a volcanic eruption and settled on the island, and you have to watch over them, control them to get food, make huts, have babies and so on. It plays out in real time, so every hour is one year for them, and they will age too... and whilst you are not playing they will also age and carry on with their jobs... until they die. Keke... Overall, it is a really fun game but as you can guess, you can finish it relatively quickly... 3 Days for me could be done in hours by others! Some of the puzzles are quite hard and here are the solutions. DO NOT read if you want to do it yourself!
- Water is not only for washing Have a expert healer go to the pool on the main island and place a child in there... it is the initiation rite.

- Not Quite A hot water bottle Have a expert healer in the hot spring on the volcanic island and place someone sick in there, this is aromatherapy

-Taming The turtle Have an expert parent tame the turle (THIS TAKES HOURS, just have patience)

-The Baby one (first one on the first screen) You need to have a parent just spend time with a lonely child.

If you need any extra help, just leave a comment.


  1. how do i open the door ( the ancient temple at the jungle) to lava island?

  2. ok, driving me nuts here!!

    HOW do you get the potion of the healer right?

    I tried the colors but it seems to need an order.

    Please help:)


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