Friday, 1 May 2009

Umberto Boccioni- Futurist

I have looked at this futurist as part of my art work and he has to be my favourite futurist. the colours and shapes are fantastic, and although it verges on abstract, if you look closely, the images he tries to incorporate are visible. They are stunning because they look so texturised, but is infact painted, and i did a transcription of a piece of his work (Pic 3) in oil pastel and it just made me feel like wow, it takes a long time and alot of work to do and to truly appreciate his efforts.

I have attached a selection of his work, my favourite of which has to be Dynamism of a football player, because it looks like an exploding star, so nebulous and colourful, but all his other works are to be commended too!

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