Saturday, 24 October 2009

Ugly Betty Season 4 Episode 3 RECAP

OK so excited about this series and it is really really good. It keeps so well to the original has not diverted in humour and really hope it does well so it stays on TV!!

This ep sees Betty desperately clawing to get her hands on a story, only to be sabotaged by Marc, who uses Matt and Amanda, the latter of which eventually finds out and rages at Marc.

Whillhemina goes on the search for Connor, only to find HE has come to her, declaring HIS love and leaving with a kiss and an open invitation to join him.

Daniel meets a women at his bereavement group which seems to be his love interest.

At the end, Amanda tells Betty to "move on", sensing she is scheming to get "Matt" for herself...

cannot wait for the NEXT ep!

Daniel's Love interest?

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