Thursday, 21 May 2009

Song Hye Kyo- Korean Actress and Model

Song Hyo Kyo is an up and coming Korean actress and model, fronting the brand LANEIGE and recently starred in her debut American film "Fetish". It sounds like quite an interesting storyline also:

In the psychological thriller “Fetish”, Song will play the role of a Korean woman with supernatural powers, who possesses an American woman’s body in order to steal her husband. She will star opposite Austrian actor Arno Frisch, who is well known from the 1997 film “Funny Games”.

She has also been in Korean Dramas: Full House, Unending Love, and The Worlds within.

She is a really beautiful woman with a great kind personality, spirited, and bubbly, and hopefully she can break into the English/American Market!

There is also a rumour about Full House 2 which will reprise Song to her role, but I personally would not like this sequel, as it would ruin what was presented in the first. Also Song is now too famous to return perhaps...

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