Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Restaurant City Facebook App

I have joined a Facebook Application called Restaurant City for about two months now, and I am now near the top!!

Here is my review:

Restaurant City is an app on Facebook made by Playfish, which lets you "run" your own restaurant. The premise of which is very simple. You hire staff, you buy the necessities, such as a cooker, table, chairs etc. and make money, earn exp, level up and so on...

Whilst it might be fun to begin with, once you set your staff their tasks, there is NOTHING for you to do, and frankly watching these small computer people do their tasks endlessly ISN'T much fun... so you think, fine, I'll exit and come back later.

NO. In order to level up, you MUST have the window open! This not only takes up computer memory, but is useless and frustrating when it interferes with other tasks...

That aside, it is quite addictive and competitive as you want to gain that level, unlock that plot of land, get more staff, get more money etc... the premise that makes MMORPGs successful. A clever thing they have is a leader board system in the form of a street, where the friend with the highest level is on the right most side of the screen and goes down accordingly etc...

A nice little feature is the ability to dress your staff and your own little character. Personally, the range of outfits is at a bare minimum, and only a few I would actually consider using... Some cool ones include bunny ears, harry potter scar, and some more edgy outfits are available too.

The whole point of this IS a restaurant after all! And these are separated into four categories: Starter, Main, Dessert and Drinks.

Each of these also have about 15 different food recipes and encaptures ones in different ethnicities and cultures. Some favourites include: Caribbean Chicken Salad, Dim Sum and Bak Kut Teh.

Personally it would be nice to be able to cook yourself, a bit like cooking mama but this is absent.

These are used to decorate the interior and exterior of your restaurant and too much emphasis is placed on this. They should upgrade other playable features instead!

They do have some cool objects such as mushroom tables and chairs. However, most interior design objects are ugly and unusable, and exterior objects are so common almost everyone's restaurant looks the same.

One good thing is they have regular updates to the game, such as new objects and new recipes. One mega annoying thing is that as you reach high levels, the exp needed for the next one is also exponentially increasing. I am currently 6th on the leader board and once I reach No 1, I think I will stop.

At the end of the day, it is absolutely pointless and what am I going to get from it? NOTHING.

UPDATE: Positive update is that now, you can exit the screen and still gain EXP!! This is ONE huge improvement and will certainly be much less tedious to us, and less "in the way" for our PCs while running it!!

Also, a recent update meant that you can now use REAL MONEY to buy game currency. Whilst many apps do this too, the constant reminder and persuasion of this DOES get annoying!

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