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Paramore 'Brand New Eyes' Album Review

Here is my review of Paramore's third studio album called "Brand New Eyes"

Paramore is a rock band containing Hayley Williams as the female lead singer, Josh Farro, Zach Farro, Jeremy Davis and Taylor York. I first heard of Paramore from a friend and upon listening to a few tracks, I was kind of hooked, but not completely convinced, until getting this album.

The album cover is a subtle and interesting one, showing a shape of a butterfly. It is quite a interpretive and conceptual cover which links subtly with the songs within the album.

Most of the songs in this album have a rock genre, with a few exceptions which are more pop and slightly slower.

1. Careful
This is a fantastic start to the album. The song sets the tone for the rest of the album at a very high standard. Not only is this track addictive, it has substance and is so so catchy. I love this song, one of my favourites definitely. There is real emotion and you just want to join in and you can feel the emotion. One of THE best on here.

2. Ignorance
Another SOLID track which WOULD be the absolute best on this album if it does NOT have the bit "Ignorance is your best friend"... Perhaps due to my friend tainting this by singing that part in a cheesy way, it just made me feel a bit weird... It's a good song apart from that little bit. AND also the part when it goes "it's good it's good it's goooooood"... Hmm..

3. Playing God
I love this song, and it has some very interesting lines which include "Next time you point the finger, I might have to bend it back and break it off". I find songs with interesting lyrics so cool, and not only that, it has such an addictive rhythm, and catchy overall.

4. Brick by Boring Brick
All the songs so far have had a catchy intro, and this is no exception. This has perhaps THE best intro, the ups and downs are soo good. This is one of my favourite songs on the album. I think this shows off Hayley William's voice the best and allows her to express herself without being TOO shouty.

5. Turn it Off
Another catchy song... starts to feel slightly repetitive, but they are all unique in their own way, and has slight and subtle differences. This is slightly more soft with a growing strong and powerful chorus.

6. The only Exception
It is starting to move onto the slow songs, and this one I do not like that much. They should stick to the catchy rock stuff.

7. Feeling Sorry
By now it is feeling a bit samey but it is a strong track in itself. I personally do not like this a lot... rather too shouty! It is a strong change between The only exception and this, and this rather sudden jump is not fluid.

8. Looking Up
A good catchy song, but sounds a bit too much like Avril Lavigne, almost 100%. If I was told this was Avril Lavigne I would believe them. Nevertheless, it is a good catchy song, which this album is all about.

9. Where the lines Overlap
The song starts off slightly of a pop genre, but has some deep interesting lyrics. The song is upbeat and addictive. However, I do feel this wears out quite quickly and I would be bored of it after about two dozen plays. It HAS lasted longer than my initial thought, currently at 50 plays.

10. Misguided Ghosts
A slower track, and as I was recently listening to Amy Studt's My Paper Made Men, this sounds a lot like those tracks. I think this is a meaningful song just that it does NOT fit into the album very well. I tend to skip this track often but would listen to this with other songs of a slower nature.

11. All I wanted
This is also a slower track, but unlike "Misguided Ghosts", it is upbeat and has an interesting back beat and rhythm. Throughout the song, it draws you in and keeps you interested. It grows into a more rocky song which is nice.

12. Decode
This would've been most well known as being in Twilight, and very well it should be. It is a very awesome song with dark undertones. Whilst this hangs off the album, it is one unique song, as the other songs do not carry such a dark, slightly mysterious turn. Perhaps this hints to their next album being slightly darker in this way, which would be quite interesting. This sounds a bit like Evanescence in a more upbeat way.

This can be purchased for about £10 hard copy, and about £7-8 digital download.

This album is really competent and is a fantastic third album for the band. I do feel though, that the "slower" songs are slotted in at some awkward positions, and that they are somewhat inconvenient and don't fit in very well, especially "The only exception". Perhaps that should be the ONLY exception... hmm...

My favourite tracks are Careful, Decode, Playing God and Brick by Boring Brick.

I really like the album as a whole, although some songs do sound a bit like Avril Lavigne, they do put their own mark on it to make it their own and create some original meaningful and interesting songs!

If you've not heard of Paramore, it's a great time to do so!!

Here is a video of their song, Brick by Boring Brick

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