Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Island Paradise- Facebook App

I admit to joining yet another Facebook application, this one is called Island Paradise, the concept of which is that you cultivate your own island, plant crops, house animals and plant trees.

The animations are quite cute, although there are many issues with it, such as glitches, lagging... I am most likely going to quite once I have decked out my island to as beautiful as it can be... also, you need to have a number of friends on there in order to advance, which is annoying, as you have to persuade your friends to join and send out those annoying invites we all hate to receive...

I would personally recommend that if you want to join, wait a while for them to have fixed bugs, and made improvements.

As you can see, chickens are not meant to swim... yet there they are... happily drifting in salty sea water...

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