Friday, 24 April 2009

The Good Old Days Of Disney Channel

Let's get this out quickly. I love(d) Disney Channel... I probably still do, if I had it... :P It is so nostalgic and all the shows were frankly AWESOME... Remember some of these..?

Recess was so watchable, and you can just watch the same ep again and again... Each character had their own personality and really interesting and funny... I quite miss this...

Lizzie McGuire was also really quite funny... Hilary Duff was quite atypical, but still the show was good.

8 Simple Rules is a great show, and glad I can still watch this on FIVE USA and its a hilarious sitcom (its sitcom, right?)... Carey is by far my favourite character, she has her unique personality, just really interesting... one of my favourites.

The one I miss the most is perhaps That's So raven, starring Raven Symone. It was a new and original show where Raven can see the future and try to prevent it from happening, leading to immensely funny situations... wish I could watch it now.

Kim Possible... despite what it may seem, this was actually really quite good.. I don't really miss this but its nostalgic to see again...

Now its full of High school musical, camp rock and hannah montana... maybe I'd like it if i watched it but, meh... cba!

Are you secretly a Disney Channel fan?? If so, say so!

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