Sunday, 27 September 2009

Carmen VS Kahlen

So Kahlen Rondot from Cycle 4 of ANTM came out as the finalist, second place, shooting some awesome photos during the competition but why has she not got any jobs in real life as a model? Because she looks like Carmen Cass, who is a working model. They look absolutely identical...

I feel sorry for Kahlen, she cannot control what she looks like and just because she looks like someone, noone wants her?

Perhaps its the idea of being overshadowed, but still, its her passion, well atleast it WAS.. not she's a bartender and wants to open her own bar...

See the pictures below and see if you can work out which one is Kahlen and which one is Camen...


1) Kahlen
2) Carmen
3) Kahlen
4) Carmen

Admit it, you thought it was hard too!

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