Monday, 1 September 2008

Blogging At the "Edge Of The Plank"

So I created this new blog called "Edge of the plank"... why? Because EVERYTHING else is taken... and after trying an array of other random phrases such as blueberry muffin, apple core, banana peel and so on, I finally found one that works!!! DARN, I forgot to try phoebephalange... but I'll bet thats taken too!

Anyway, at this new blog, I'll be blogging about lots of random stuff that inspires me or just interesting or funny... :P basically just me expressing lots of random, yet hopefully interesting things as well :P

THIS is bananapeel. Check them out cos that name is WASTED on them! GOSH!!!


And this also means farewell to my old blog... which was a pitiful Xanga that hardly anyone read...

If you are still interested in some uber-old posts, please see:

My Xanga

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