Thursday, 29 October 2009

America's Next Top Model Cycle 13 Episode 9 RECAP

Wow the first thing the girls get greeted with is their messy house and get transported to HAWAII!

They get surfing lessons and a photo challenge and Erin won.. although Nicole did well as well!!

Erin won a helicopter trip around Hawaii which was uber cool BUT she kept complaining which was so annoying!!!

Now for the photoshoot they had to portray two different races, which was quite odd and they were sprayed and applied new skin colour and lots of hair... etc

Nicole did really well and got called first! yay!!!

BRITANNY GOT ELIMINATED! D: whhhat erin was a b**** the whole ep... :(
My top 3

1. Nicole
2. Laura
3. Jennifer

I hate Sundai I can't believe she's still in the competition... I bet she's going to win, cos its probably all fixed like it was in cycle 11 (McKey) and Cycle 12 (Teyona)... urgh...


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