Thursday, 22 October 2009

America's Next Top Model Cycle 13 Episode 8 RECAP

OK so today they did a cool challenge intereview spokes person challenge and some did well- Jennifer and Erin, whilst others DID NOT- Laura and Jennifer...

now instead of a photoshoot they had a covergirl commercial to film .

i was so nervous for nicole, as quirky ones do badly at go-sees.... and nicole rocked it last week. it seems like they are constantly throwing things in her way to try and get RID of her... i mean she is amazing at photos, did well at gosees (won it)....

so this week they did commercial and nicole ALSO rocked this one, got second call out.. after Jennifer.. and Rae got eliminated..

My top 3
1. Nicole
2. Jennifer (she is doing really well and has a fun personality)
3. Laura (she is so funny and makes u smile)

Did not pick Erin and Brittany because they are on the descent just not doing as well as they should or could!


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