Saturday, 31 October 2009

Happy Halloween!! (PUMPKIN CARVING ART)

HAPPY HALLOWEEN everyone! And thought i would share with you some AMAZINGLY awesome Pumpkin Carvings that people have done! These look awesome and I would love to be able to do that and have them decorate my house... I have never done it before.. apparently its quite hard

you will see what i mean when u see the pictures, they are just stunning!

Some of them as you can see are film inspired, such as the puss in boots, mars attacks, jaws etc... and makes it even more special...

which one/ ones are your favourite? And have you ever tried pumpkin carving? Success or failure?!?!?

Ugly Betty Season 4 Episode 4 RECAP

I couldn't wait for this episode, it was the long awaited "Betty in a Sausage Suit" episode, that was over the media before its release. Episode 4 sees Betty go through the worse jobs in New York for her article, including being a rubbish woman, waxing (see picture below), pedalling a "what do you call it"... ermm... and finally selling hot dogs by being in a costume suit whilst mark is in a sub.

Anyway, other hilarious scenes:

Hildra dressing up to excite Archie, the politician in a kinky outfit.

A very unexpected Betty and Amanda "kiss"... which was actually an Amanda hallucination but that scene was absolutely hilarious and made me laugh out loud. LITERALLY LOL.

Also important, was whilst Willhemina was worrying about her job being taken away, Nico, her daughter (played by ANTM Cycle 3's Yaya Da Costa), does some dirty work and sorts it out for her... showing an interesting side we want to know more about!!

So it's season 4 of Ugly betty ALREADY, i still can't believe it, but its very exciting. Although so much has changed, it keeps to the humour and it is VERY funny..

Hope you like my recap, but better still, love Ugly Betty!!

What did you think about this episode of Ugly Betty?


The Sims 3 has been slightly diappointing for me... but with its forceful advertising and all these extras it's thrusting at its players its hard to resist temptation. And now, the eagerly awaited CREATE-A-WORLD tool to create your own world exists!

You can form the shapes of the hills, locations of buildings and so on... this is a major leap, although a bit late i think... it should've been released with the base game, but glad its coming anyway...

This follows its recent release of a tool allowing you to create meshes and furniture.

It would be interesting to see how this is used, although as it is the same one the developers use, it might be tricky to manipulate and take forever to make some basic things!!!

We shall see what happens when it is out in December!

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Hollister at Westfield Shopping Mall, London

My friend made me go into Hollister. The same friend who persuaded me to go into Abercrombie and Fitch. And stupidly, I agreed.

Walking into Westfield Shopping Mall, one of London’s latest investments, I followed my friend towards the store front of Hollister, a sea side shack themed store, with a long queue outside. WHAT THE FLIPS? A queue to go INTO a store? Here’s the best part. There’s a queue to get into the queue. *Facepalm*

So we queue. For twenty whole minutes. In these twenty minutes, the constant eyeing up of nearby commoners and the “models” aka sales staff and feeling completely out of place. I can’t say it was totally unenjoyable though, seeing the male “model” aka “bouncer” for the queue leave his post to chat up these blonde chavettes… it was hilarious, and again sum up how common this store has become, here in the UK. Here, the store has been defiled by people excessively wearing these and making them so common and generic!

Whilst it is American based, namely Californian, there is no need to constantly thrust this well known fact at us. The fake palm, surf boards, half naked mannequins… it was all too much. The store itself was dark and crowded, and quickly resembled a Californian A&F. Whilst A&F is for the upper east side, Hollister is very much for a similar market: rich, spoiled teens in California.

In such a dark and crowded place, how are we meant to look at the clothes? It is a struggle, that’s how. And once we find the perfect garment (not that I did), there was no pricing. Don’t get me wrong, there were price TAGS, but there was nothing but the Hollister logo on. Great. I’m sure all the staff are hired just to tell people prices… at that stage, I would’ve just dropped the garment and left. A customer should not need to constantly ask for prices!

The clothes themselves were pretty generic. They seem to think that putting their logo and brand name on any sort of rubbish would get them money. And that is how they get their money. People blindly buying whatever has a “brand” name… I could not picture myself wearing any of the clothes, except perhaps a few MINUS the Hollister logo…

The store as a whole just seems to want to deter customers from entering. Firstly, the double queue is completely unacceptable. Why would anyone want to queue to get into a store? Yes, I get that the store is too small, too overcrowded, and they must control people flow… GET A BIGGER STORE. That’s the solution, not making people wait to go in. AND AND the “model” aka queue manager, goes “thanks for waiting”. Unaccaptable. It should be “sorry, you had to wait.”

Once inside, with the dark atmosphere and loud music, you just didn’t feel like browsing. The clothing was so tightly packed, people could have a quickie in the corner and no one would know.

I’m glad I didn’t have to stay more than 15 minutes inside, or I would’ve gone crazy. I’m sure lots of people love the brand and the store and everything about it, but it’s so excessive and unnecessary, and lacks a unique style of clothing.

The only difference between Abercrombie and Hollister is the lack of naked male models in Hollister and the lack of beach d├ęcor in Abercrombie.

America's Next Top Model Cycle 13 Episode 9 RECAP

Wow the first thing the girls get greeted with is their messy house and get transported to HAWAII!

They get surfing lessons and a photo challenge and Erin won.. although Nicole did well as well!!

Erin won a helicopter trip around Hawaii which was uber cool BUT she kept complaining which was so annoying!!!

Now for the photoshoot they had to portray two different races, which was quite odd and they were sprayed and applied new skin colour and lots of hair... etc

Nicole did really well and got called first! yay!!!

BRITANNY GOT ELIMINATED! D: whhhat erin was a b**** the whole ep... :(
My top 3

1. Nicole
2. Laura
3. Jennifer

I hate Sundai I can't believe she's still in the competition... I bet she's going to win, cos its probably all fixed like it was in cycle 11 (McKey) and Cycle 12 (Teyona)... urgh...


Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Anish Kapoor Exhibition at the Royal Academy Of Art, London

So I went with my friends to the Royal Academy Of Art in Central London, in Picadilly Circus for Anish Kapoor's Art Exhibition. Upon stepping into the courtyard you are already greeted by this massive sculpture which is stunning. It makes you look at it from all sorts of angles and positions and really allow you to admire the work in detail. Each sphere reflects the surroundings in a different way, so it is different depending on the angle.

It costs £12 (full price)*, £4 (12-18)* to enter, and it ends in December.

*other tickets are available. Check on their website.

Upon entering the exhibition itself, you are greeted with this large, bronze like sculpture, and both the interior and the exterior are of interest... It reminds me of the Angel Of the North.

These sculptures are made of wood and cement, and I think spray painted after. These are all very interesting, slightly abstract, and I extremely like the warp of the wall, it is so subtle but interesting once you see it.

This is perhaps the main attraction and everyone gathered to see this. A wax cannon is fired every 20 minutes and made such an impactual noise... the man firing it was a bit over dramatic and after firing he retreated behind the projectile store to read a book. awww...

These were also quite interesting, the way the mirrors reflect differently. Each mirror is warped in some way, and distorts in some funny ways. The curved cylindrical one to the left made you so long you look like ET... but all of them are so sharp, crisp and clean... just wow.

This is quite interesting, and snake like... I really like the red, so sharp and glossy and is iconic. so well made.

This is a great piece, again a warp in the wall, and the sharp yellow lights up the room against the old door frames and the ceiling... just in your face.

Overall, the exhibition was very interesting, it showcased a range of spectacularly made art pieces. I would recommend you attend... what you make of it is up to you, but it does conjure thoughts and feelings... very provocative!

Here is a video that showcases the work where Anish Kapoor Discusses the work

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Pencil Art

I think these look stunning and absolutely fabulous... the first thing they remind me of are sea anemone and then somewhat crystalline shapes.

Must be soo talented to make something like this, a thought for the shape and how it all comes together... they look swesome i'd love to have one would make such a stunning centrepiece...

colourful and vibrant aswell... just WOW...

i love the 2nd one and the 3rd one really iconic and you can look at them different angles and depending on the colours used would be different. I think it is such a great idea wonder if you can buy them anywhere.. :) kekekke

Someone buy me one for Christmas please ;)

Sunday, 25 October 2009

The Lindt Dress

I found this randomly, and just have to say, WOW. This dress made of Lindt Chocolate and (correct me if I'm wrong) Swarovski Crystals is really fashionable! Although it would'nt really be wearable as all the chocolate would melt... so I guess one just has to gobble them up before they do so!!

What do you think?

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Sherlock Holmes Movie Preview

I am now really psyched to see the movie "Sherlock Holmes", starring Robert Downey Junior, Jude Law and Rachel McAdams. The trailer looks awesome, although it feels like they're trying to made Sherlock Holmes, whose a detective into some sort of Batman with all those action scenes!!!

However, after recently seeing Iron Man, Robert Downey Junior is starting to grow on me... didn't really like him before, but he was funny and witty in Iron Man... we'll see...

Can't wait for it to be released on Christmas Day!! Might go see it then :)

Scarlett Johansson ELLE Magazine Photoshoot

I recently found this spread of Scarlett in ELLE magazine, and she looks stunning. Her hair is very rock chiq with a hint of glam. The make up is very neutral with more emphasis on the eyes making it stunning.

The outfits, especially the dresses are more high fashion, but there are images of a very punk, almost rock image. These latter ones refer to her youth when she styled herself very much in this way, with her edgy haircuts...

Favourite image is the one in purple and the black and white image... its a very fresh young look in these images!

Looking forward to her role in iron man 2!

Ugly Betty Season 4 Episode 3 RECAP

OK so excited about this series and it is really really good. It keeps so well to the original has not diverted in humour and really hope it does well so it stays on TV!!

This ep sees Betty desperately clawing to get her hands on a story, only to be sabotaged by Marc, who uses Matt and Amanda, the latter of which eventually finds out and rages at Marc.

Whillhemina goes on the search for Connor, only to find HE has come to her, declaring HIS love and leaving with a kiss and an open invitation to join him.

Daniel meets a women at his bereavement group which seems to be his love interest.

At the end, Amanda tells Betty to "move on", sensing she is scheming to get "Matt" for herself...

cannot wait for the NEXT ep!

Daniel's Love interest?

Thursday, 22 October 2009

America's Next Top Model Cycle 13 Episode 8 RECAP

OK so today they did a cool challenge intereview spokes person challenge and some did well- Jennifer and Erin, whilst others DID NOT- Laura and Jennifer...

now instead of a photoshoot they had a covergirl commercial to film .

i was so nervous for nicole, as quirky ones do badly at go-sees.... and nicole rocked it last week. it seems like they are constantly throwing things in her way to try and get RID of her... i mean she is amazing at photos, did well at gosees (won it)....

so this week they did commercial and nicole ALSO rocked this one, got second call out.. after Jennifer.. and Rae got eliminated..

My top 3
1. Nicole
2. Jennifer (she is doing really well and has a fun personality)
3. Laura (she is so funny and makes u smile)

Did not pick Erin and Brittany because they are on the descent just not doing as well as they should or could!


Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Island Paradise- Facebook App

I admit to joining yet another Facebook application, this one is called Island Paradise, the concept of which is that you cultivate your own island, plant crops, house animals and plant trees.

The animations are quite cute, although there are many issues with it, such as glitches, lagging... I am most likely going to quite once I have decked out my island to as beautiful as it can be... also, you need to have a number of friends on there in order to advance, which is annoying, as you have to persuade your friends to join and send out those annoying invites we all hate to receive...

I would personally recommend that if you want to join, wait a while for them to have fixed bugs, and made improvements.

As you can see, chickens are not meant to swim... yet there they are... happily drifting in salty sea water...

Monday, 19 October 2009

Melissa B. Tubbs- Pen and Ink Artist

A Pen and Ink artist I found interesting is one called Melissa B Tubbs. Her work is more scratchy but worked so well that the overall image really works very well. The texture comes through and also there is great contrast between dark and lights which is great.

I can see this as a great etching as the textures come out amazingly, as do the markmaking. I really like the statues and sculptures she draws as they are lifelike, yet only fienly stylised with the way she works.

It would be impossible to copy or do a transcription anyway but its a very unique style of hers which is really detailed and beautiful.

You can check out her blog for other works:

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Ugly Betty Season 4 Episode 1 and 2 RECAP

I watched the two hour premiere of season 4 of ugly betty and it is sooo good.

It keeps so much to the original 3 seasons although Betty is not an associate editor, but as per usual, things go wrong, and betty has to fix things... The big step in Betty's role means big changes to the show as well and these I hope are for the good, and people who once watched betty and gave up will revisit, or for new viewers to join in, because it is so so good!

There are so many media references that are hilarious. Amanda is so funny, and overall a really good start to the season, with immediate gripping suspense thrown in.

Friday, 16 October 2009

Mary Martin

Mary Martin is a British artist who is most well known for her reliefs, and as you can see they all share a very similar and unique style. The use of sharp shapes to form a pattern is interesting, yet the sheer "randomness" of these coming together makes us wonder how it is all formed.

I especially like the use of mirrors and the mix of shiny and matt materials, and the way the object is reflected again and again on such surface to create something visually difficult to create painted or made in another material.

I like the way she works and I have done a transcription of one of the sections of her pieces incorporating mirror. I am looking to make more reliefs and more mirror work. It is a dynamic direction to pursue and it is very exciting!


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