Friday, 18 September 2009

America's Next Top Model Cycle 13 Episode 3 RECAP

I watched the third episode, and it was a double eliminatioN!!! One girl was eliminated after an interview with someone from Willhemina model agency... and that unlucky girl was Rachel (who i thought had potential!) but this was exposed in the previews the week before!! BAD EDITING ><

So basically the girls had a teach with Tyra learnign how to smile with your eyes, which Tyra horribly named "SMIZE" or "SCHMIZE"... >< LAME LAME LAME... and then had a challenge.. which was abit stupid..

for photoshoot they had to pose on a horse with a short jockey ><

The top three for me are the following:

1. brittany
2. nicole
3. Erin

Erin- She looks like Michelle from Cycle 4
Nicole- She looks like a ginger Blake Lively.


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