Friday, 24 April 2009

The Good Old Days Of Disney Channel

Let's get this out quickly. I love(d) Disney Channel... I probably still do, if I had it... :P It is so nostalgic and all the shows were frankly AWESOME... Remember some of these..?

Recess was so watchable, and you can just watch the same ep again and again... Each character had their own personality and really interesting and funny... I quite miss this...

Lizzie McGuire was also really quite funny... Hilary Duff was quite atypical, but still the show was good.

8 Simple Rules is a great show, and glad I can still watch this on FIVE USA and its a hilarious sitcom (its sitcom, right?)... Carey is by far my favourite character, she has her unique personality, just really interesting... one of my favourites.

The one I miss the most is perhaps That's So raven, starring Raven Symone. It was a new and original show where Raven can see the future and try to prevent it from happening, leading to immensely funny situations... wish I could watch it now.

Kim Possible... despite what it may seem, this was actually really quite good.. I don't really miss this but its nostalgic to see again...

Now its full of High school musical, camp rock and hannah montana... maybe I'd like it if i watched it but, meh... cba!

Are you secretly a Disney Channel fan?? If so, say so!

Friday, 17 April 2009

Learn German- Germany's Next Top Model

I love America's Next Top Model, and I decided to give Germany's Next Top Model a try because I had to learn German for school... and it helped me pick up some German words, listening to German and just the culture in general... plus it was quite enjoyable...

So Germany's Next Top Model is hosted by super model Heidi Klum, who I have to say is nicer than Tyra Banks (NOO... but yes, she is more helpful).

Heidi Klum

I watched a few episodes of season 1 and then kind of gave up... it was a bit too much, although they actually use a lot of English in their colloqual speech which was quite interesting...

The runway coach was uber-scary, and they copy a lot of the challenges and photoshoots from America's Next Top Model.

I think I'll stick to America's Next Top Model...

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Salvador Dali- Surrealist

Salvador Dali is another of my favourite artists, whose art works are classed as surrealism. Although he was a little "mad", his pieces were striking and thought provoking. I really like the lips sofa, very iconic...

The way he stylises objects and turns them into very dream like compositions is remarkably interesting, and through his works, we can perhaps see what was going through his mind...

Friday, 10 April 2009

Tate Modern: TH.2058 Exhibition

I went to the Tate Modern yesterday and was amazed to see this new exhibition in the Turbine Hall called TH.2058. It contained many sculptures which were placed relating to a futuristic world of chaos and destruction and what the world would look like. The alignment of coloured bunkers with books tied to them, one specifically was War Of The Worlds, had deep meaning and fit in well with the exhibition.

The following of a skeleton and the apple core shows destruction, rubbish, dereliction, death and many more symbolic meanings... animal extinction, fight for food, starvation, poverty... well, that's just what I thought when I saw these.

And of course the bright red re-make of Alexander Calder's flamingo, which I looked at for my GCSE project was srunning. The curves and the sharp shapes, and the distinct red colour was really amazing. I wish I could go see the real thing in Chicago and all the other works of Alexander Calder, but being able to see this was really interesting, and shocking as I did not expect this at all going to this exhibition.


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