Saturday, 14 March 2009

Thorpe Park's SAW-The Ride

We went to Thorpe Park today, solely to try out it's latest addition: SAW-The Ride. Titled the Scariest rollercoaster in the world, we ran to the queue as soon as we got in. We waited in line for 45 minutes, where there were saw contraptions dotted around the queueline. It was very well themed, using props from the set and made the experience more scary...

All was good and well, until we got near the front, when the staff was so patronising (telling us to get our posessions ready to be handed over or we won't get them back...) and trying to be scary, which was just uber- cringe worthy opposed to scary... WHATEVER...

Anyway, we got onto the ride, and it went....

This was my first adult rollercoaster... hadn't been interested really, and just thought I'd do it this time, and woah, it was intense!!! However, it was really good... very thrilling...

Also went on:

Tidal Wave (FOUR TIMES)- awesome ride... with Natural Source in the water.. Ha!

Nemesis Inferno (TWICE) - Nice coaster, thrilling, not too extreme!


We queued for ages and then when we got to the front it broke down. One of the seats' handles were broken the barrier thing... and when it was fixed, I had to sit in the broken one! It was SO scary... never again.

Some other rides whose name I cannot remember :P

Unfortunately, quite a few rides were closed, rumba rapids and loggers leap, as well as stealth!

Anyway, as SAW-The Ride was broken down for the second half of the day, all visitors got a free ticket and a Saw-The Ride Fast track!! Woo!! I sold both on eBay, as I wasn't going to return before it expires, which totalled to about £22, meaning I'd spent less than £10 on the whole day!

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