Saturday, 15 November 2008

Marjorie Conrad's Portfolio

Marjorie was my favourite this cycle of America's Next Top model... She was quirky and shy, but was fierce in all of her photoshoots. She was often described as a "contortionist" with her consistantly "broken up" compositions.

She was mostly stunning in her pictures although was not a great walker, and lacked personality. I thought she was robbed and the cycle was fixed, as the week she was eliminated, she had no props for her photoshoot, whilst the cycle winner (McKey) had so many... She still managed an awesome photo though...

Here is her portfolio for this cycle:

Friday, 14 November 2008

ANTM Cycle 11 Ep 12

OK 4 left..! From last week's trailer, i was sooo worried for Marjorie, then she wins the Challenge!! YES YES YES!!!

Anyway lets cut to the chase. Photoshoot... with windmills and extreme hair and make up... Meh! McKey and Analeigh did well.. blah blah.. Samantha did crap in her shoot, and Marjorie did well... Oh, McKey has a wall, a chain and that windmill frame thing!??! WHAT IS UP WITH THAT?? If marjorie had ANY ONE of those things, she wouldve NAILED her shoot. VERY VERY unfair. marj had NO probs. everyone else did.

At Panel, Samantha looked like crap- Kerry Katona in iceland advert- or worse! Anyway, Analeigh got first call out, and Sam and Marj in bottom two.. Seriously, Sam has had her chance, and Marj did much better overall- better pictures, won challenges, found her hunchback style, SO WHAT IF SHE WAS SLIGHTLY OFF ONE WEEK!?!??!?! etc... Sam insulted the designer on early runway AND looks like crap EVERY week.. and Tyra goes and saves Sam.. Marjorie- YOU DESERVE TO BE IN THE FINAL.. You can now take the place of my 2nd fav ANTM model. :)

Oh, and stupid ANN SHOKET went and said Marjorie was condescending, she WAS SO NOT!! She said she was listening and she does!! SHE HAS THE BEST PHOTOS OVERALL IN THE COMPETITION!

Anyway, Now there are only 3 and 1 more ep to go. ANALEIGH, SAMANTHA, MCKEY.

I really really really want Analeigh to win. She has improved SO much and is such a sweet and nice person. Samatha- GO AWAY U SHUDNT EVEN BE THERE- will be eliminated first. And then McKey. She is great at fulfilling what the judges want, but she is soooo unappealing. I would flip the page if i saw her in a fashion mag. But she seems like she wud win as she is prob most high fashion looking. I wont hate if McKey does win but i really hope she doesnt!

1. Analeigh
2. McKey
3. Samantha

Friday, 7 November 2008

ANTM Cycle 11 Ep 11

Only 2 more episodes left!! This season seemed to have gone soo quickly.. and now we are down to the final 5.. As seen is the last few cycles, this is the GO-SEE week. And my heart sank for Marjorie who i just knew wouldn't do well.. as it sank for Heather two cycles ago. The twist this time round was that they had to travel by boats... Analeigh did well on her go-sees, Samantha was called Commercial, Elina had tattoos which one didnt like AT ALL... and Marjorie, oh poor Marjorie, had big trouble finding the go-sees and once there, hunched. ><>

In the photoshoot, Tyra shot them all, one as a normal no make up shot, and the other a glamour shot.... Everyone did well, apart from Marjorie, who in her normal shot, just got nervous.. Elina was too posey...

At Panel, Samantha got called first for her picture, then McKey, then Analeigh.. Elina and Marjorie were bottom two.. *bites finger* my two favourites! Well, Elina had been in bottom two twice already and didnt do much better hence, she shud go.. and she DID! OK, now Marjorie.. the judges LOVE YOU but you really need to shake that nervousness out.. If you CAN, you will make the final and you CAN win. Otherwise, its bye bye for you next week.. i had this hope for 30 secs until i saw next weeks preview..

Marjorie. Drunk. Making out. With MALE model. WTH! I don't know whether this will be good or bad.

1st Scenario- Marjorie gets hungover, flops the photoshoot- leaves the competition

2nd Scenario- She gains extreme confidence, hence making out with male model and gets in final.

I surely do hope its the second scenario because i hate samantha and dnt like McKey, although Analeigh and McKey will surely be in the final..

Next week's episode is highly anticipated. Who goes? Who stays?

My New order:

1. McKey
2. Analeigh
3. Samantha
4. Marjorie

Basically, its pretty obvious, if Marjorie doesnt do well or none of them shine out particularly, this is how it'll be.

As much as I WANT marjorie to win, Mckey is going to, its FIXED.


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