Friday, 24 October 2008

ANTM Cycle 11 Ep 9

Ok let's cut to the chase. Their commercials. Some did well, mainly Analeigh... Marjorie's was too rushed and too fidgety.. Elina's was flat, she kept looking down and just wasn't "covergirl"... McKey boring. Joslyn i thought could've done amazing. She is so charismatic but went over the top. Samantha was good, but is just quite annoying now. Sheena did well.

The girls had an argument throughout the episode: Sheena + Samantha Vs. Elina + Marjorie.

Basically, the Americans and the Europeans... Sheena was like "do you like living here?" and as Elina won the challenge to do a holiday shoot in Seventeen Magazine, they were like " you don't believe in holidays" and Marjorie went "she's calling you a hypocrite"... lol Marjorie, bring that to set! Anyway, it was utter stupidity.

At Judging, Analeigh got called first, followed by Sheena and Samantha. Elina and Joslyn were in the bottom two. Tyra said only good things about Joslyn but kept saying how Elina could not let go. I thought if they were going to eliminate Elina, now would be the time, but NO!! Joslyn got eliminated!! :O

The remaining 6 girls are going to Amsterdam!!! Hopefully Elina and Marjorie do better in their native Europe. :)

Here is my new order (based on scores):

1. Marjorie - 6/6 Photo 3/6 Commercial 9/12 Total
2. Analeigh- 2/6 Photo 6/6 Commercial 8/12 Total
3. Elina- 5/6 Photo 2/6 Commercial 7/12 Total
4. Samantha-3/6 Photo 4/6 Commercial 7/12 Total
5. Sheena- 1/6 Photo 5/6 Commercial 6/12 Total
6. McKey-4/6 Photo 1/6 Commercial 5/12 Total

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