Thursday, 9 October 2008

ANTM Cycle 11 Ep 7

There are 8 girls left, and for their challenge, they have to have a signature pose. Tyra personally helped them by taking 10 frames freestyle then after coaching them, another 10 frames. Marjorie, describing her pose as Hunchback of Notre Dame won the challenge, and got diamonds!! Woo!! GO MARJORIE!!!

For their photoshoot, they were at the Fiercee Awards and they each had a special situation as follows:

Interviewer with an attitude
Overly emotional
Another starlet in the same gown
Lauren Brie
Trips on stairs
Using the restroom in a gown
Believes she is going to win, but doesn't
Can't read cue cards because of lights
Starlet stepped on her gown

Marjorie did amazingly well with her broken doll poses, McKey did well, Joslyn did well, Analeigh did well, called a bitch... Elina, she was meant to be over emotional, and told to actually cry but her picture didnt turn out good..
At elimination, Marjorie was called out first, followed by Analeigh and McKey. In the end, it was Sheena and Lauren Brie at the bottom. Sheena had the personality, Lauren Brie had the look. I thought it was pretty much tied but Lauren Brie was called near the top a few times, and i thought she had a great model look (was my favourite to win in early weeks!! :S.. well so was Katarzyna in the last cycle)... but she got eliminated.. BOO!! But now i guess i know who i want to win for sure!!!

Here is my new order:

1. Marjorie - great pose, more confident!
2. Elina - great look, usually called early
3. Analeigh- rising star
4. McKey- annoying but doing good
5. Joslyn- boring now but good
6. Samantha- annoying voice
7. Sheena- doesnt shine, gonna go soon.
NEXT ON ANTM: They're doing commercials!!! Marjorie seems more confident in recent episodes so i really hope she pulls through! YOU PHOTOGRAPH AMAZINGLY!!! Although i can't see her as America's next top model, she deserves to be top 5 atleast judging by her performance during the competition.. but it could all change next week.

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