Thursday, 2 October 2008

ANTM Cycle 11 Ep 6

Wow, this episode was short.. Their learning was combined with their challenge, where they had to make any outfit look good by stuffing them etc... as Paulina explained that most catalogue modelling involves hideous outfits... haha... McKey won .. bla bla bla dont like her... and Marjorie had a break down but Paulina likes her and basically went and said how European people are more negative- thanks...

Anyway, they portrayed natural disasters in their photoshoot as follows:

Santa Ana Winds
Lauren Brie
Traffic Jam
Heat Wave
Tidal Wave

Samantha did amazing with her tidal wave simulations with her hands and feet.. She actually did really well... Analeigh did good, i thought she had the greatest range and it was very very good... Marjorie did crap. Her shoot was the worst, she had to be taught by Jay and just moved by him... however she got a great photo in the end. PHEW.. I still have faith in you girl!!! Clark did terribly badly and probably got the worst comments from jay..

In the end, it was Joslyn and Clark in the bottom two and obviously Clark went home. Samantha got first callout OBVIOUSLY...

All the girls have amazing potential to be models and i have to say i like most of them apart from mcKey, who doesnt stand out and quite annoying and Samantha gets on my nerves for targetting Marjorie but she is doing great in the competition..
Elina.. what is happening to you- you were my favourite to win from the start- you have such a beautiful face as Tyra put it racially ambiguous or something like that... GO ELINA!!

Well, here is my new order:

1. Lauren Brie
2. Samantha
3. Marjorie
4. Elina
5. Analeigh
6. Sheena
7. Joslyn
8. McKey

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