Thursday, 30 October 2008

ANTM Cycle 11 Ep 10

They're in Amsterdam!! The girls are challenged to race around town finding their home.. etc.. that was pretty cool... then they do a challenge where they pose in windows in pairs in the red district. Really cool, MARJORIE did the best but because of Sheena, she didn't win. ><>

Photoshoot was cool.. The expected ones did well.. and others not so well.. Sheena was so hoochy and hence was sent home. elina was also bottom two but we all love Elina dont we? :)

Here is my new order:
1. Marjorie
2. Analeigh
3. McKey
4. Elina
5. Samantha

James Bond Quantum of Solace Premiere

Yep! Me and my friends got to the Quantum of Solace Royal World Premiere yesterday night. It was really good and loads of people were there... Elle Macpherson, bunch of X-Factor people, the actors, actresses, directors etc.. The only one i saw up close was Gemma Arterton, but she was the one i came to see so very happy to have gotten her autograph and a picture. of her :) Saw Craig like miles off, and Judi walked past us. Very tired now... arms, legs aching from standing for hours, and being pushed about.. but happy never the less..

Here are some Pics:

Friday, 24 October 2008

Ugly Betty Season 3 Episode 2 + 3

I watched two episodes of Ugly Betty recently and it is absolutely brill. Every episode so far feels like a season finale- Christina got pushed down the stairs, Alexis is actually Daniel Jnr's dad etc...

Favourite Characters:

1. Willhemina
2. Amanda
3. Marc
4. Betty
5. Justin

Favourite Scenes of Season 3 so far:

1. Betty as Willhemina
2. Amanda singing to Marc
3. Amanda trying to get "arrested"
4. Willhemina being manipulative- ALL
5. Willhemina doll.

Whats to come?
Amanda's credit crunch crisis?
Daniel's custody Battle.. or Alexis'?
Betty's neighbour Jessie?
Christina + Husband + Baby?
Hilda and Coach?
Marc and Cliff?
More Lindsay Lohan, Victoria Beckham and other guests?
Gio and Henry returns? (they have been dropped but they may return as guest star)
Amanda searching for dad?

Its getting better. and better. and better.

ANTM Cycle 11 Ep 9

Ok let's cut to the chase. Their commercials. Some did well, mainly Analeigh... Marjorie's was too rushed and too fidgety.. Elina's was flat, she kept looking down and just wasn't "covergirl"... McKey boring. Joslyn i thought could've done amazing. She is so charismatic but went over the top. Samantha was good, but is just quite annoying now. Sheena did well.

The girls had an argument throughout the episode: Sheena + Samantha Vs. Elina + Marjorie.

Basically, the Americans and the Europeans... Sheena was like "do you like living here?" and as Elina won the challenge to do a holiday shoot in Seventeen Magazine, they were like " you don't believe in holidays" and Marjorie went "she's calling you a hypocrite"... lol Marjorie, bring that to set! Anyway, it was utter stupidity.

At Judging, Analeigh got called first, followed by Sheena and Samantha. Elina and Joslyn were in the bottom two. Tyra said only good things about Joslyn but kept saying how Elina could not let go. I thought if they were going to eliminate Elina, now would be the time, but NO!! Joslyn got eliminated!! :O

The remaining 6 girls are going to Amsterdam!!! Hopefully Elina and Marjorie do better in their native Europe. :)

Here is my new order (based on scores):

1. Marjorie - 6/6 Photo 3/6 Commercial 9/12 Total
2. Analeigh- 2/6 Photo 6/6 Commercial 8/12 Total
3. Elina- 5/6 Photo 2/6 Commercial 7/12 Total
4. Samantha-3/6 Photo 4/6 Commercial 7/12 Total
5. Sheena- 1/6 Photo 5/6 Commercial 6/12 Total
6. McKey-4/6 Photo 1/6 Commercial 5/12 Total

Thursday, 9 October 2008

ANTM Cycle 11 Ep 7

There are 8 girls left, and for their challenge, they have to have a signature pose. Tyra personally helped them by taking 10 frames freestyle then after coaching them, another 10 frames. Marjorie, describing her pose as Hunchback of Notre Dame won the challenge, and got diamonds!! Woo!! GO MARJORIE!!!

For their photoshoot, they were at the Fiercee Awards and they each had a special situation as follows:

Interviewer with an attitude
Overly emotional
Another starlet in the same gown
Lauren Brie
Trips on stairs
Using the restroom in a gown
Believes she is going to win, but doesn't
Can't read cue cards because of lights
Starlet stepped on her gown

Marjorie did amazingly well with her broken doll poses, McKey did well, Joslyn did well, Analeigh did well, called a bitch... Elina, she was meant to be over emotional, and told to actually cry but her picture didnt turn out good..
At elimination, Marjorie was called out first, followed by Analeigh and McKey. In the end, it was Sheena and Lauren Brie at the bottom. Sheena had the personality, Lauren Brie had the look. I thought it was pretty much tied but Lauren Brie was called near the top a few times, and i thought she had a great model look (was my favourite to win in early weeks!! :S.. well so was Katarzyna in the last cycle)... but she got eliminated.. BOO!! But now i guess i know who i want to win for sure!!!

Here is my new order:

1. Marjorie - great pose, more confident!
2. Elina - great look, usually called early
3. Analeigh- rising star
4. McKey- annoying but doing good
5. Joslyn- boring now but good
6. Samantha- annoying voice
7. Sheena- doesnt shine, gonna go soon.
NEXT ON ANTM: They're doing commercials!!! Marjorie seems more confident in recent episodes so i really hope she pulls through! YOU PHOTOGRAPH AMAZINGLY!!! Although i can't see her as America's next top model, she deserves to be top 5 atleast judging by her performance during the competition.. but it could all change next week.

Thursday, 2 October 2008

ANTM Cycle 11 Ep 6

Wow, this episode was short.. Their learning was combined with their challenge, where they had to make any outfit look good by stuffing them etc... as Paulina explained that most catalogue modelling involves hideous outfits... haha... McKey won .. bla bla bla dont like her... and Marjorie had a break down but Paulina likes her and basically went and said how European people are more negative- thanks...

Anyway, they portrayed natural disasters in their photoshoot as follows:

Santa Ana Winds
Lauren Brie
Traffic Jam
Heat Wave
Tidal Wave

Samantha did amazing with her tidal wave simulations with her hands and feet.. She actually did really well... Analeigh did good, i thought she had the greatest range and it was very very good... Marjorie did crap. Her shoot was the worst, she had to be taught by Jay and just moved by him... however she got a great photo in the end. PHEW.. I still have faith in you girl!!! Clark did terribly badly and probably got the worst comments from jay..

In the end, it was Joslyn and Clark in the bottom two and obviously Clark went home. Samantha got first callout OBVIOUSLY...

All the girls have amazing potential to be models and i have to say i like most of them apart from mcKey, who doesnt stand out and quite annoying and Samantha gets on my nerves for targetting Marjorie but she is doing great in the competition..
Elina.. what is happening to you- you were my favourite to win from the start- you have such a beautiful face as Tyra put it racially ambiguous or something like that... GO ELINA!!

Well, here is my new order:

1. Lauren Brie
2. Samantha
3. Marjorie
4. Elina
5. Analeigh
6. Sheena
7. Joslyn
8. McKey


Nintendo has created the next DS calling it DSi, because it now has 2 cameras, music support, SD card slot... but without the GBA slot...

From BBC:

"Nintendo has confirmed it will start selling a new version of its handheld DS console in Japan this Christmas with a UK launch likely early next year.
The dual-screen Nintendo DSi will come with a camera, digital music player and improved wireless internet.
Thinner than the current model with a bigger screen, it will go on sale in Japan on 1 November 1 for 18,900 yen, or about £102.
Nintendo President Satoru Iwata said the new DS camera will let players edit photos using a basic paint programme and then share those files with friends.
Music feature
"We want our customers to individualise their Nintendo DSi," he said.
The music player will let users change the speed of the sound to slow down and speed up music and speech files stored on an external memory card.
Nintendo is close to overtaking Sony as the largest maker of video game systems in the world after three years of strong growth.
Its Wii console far outsells both Sony's PS3 and Microsoft's XBox 360 in both Japan and the UK, according to research company VG Chartz.
In the handheld market, the DS is the leader with 81 million units shipped worldwide.
But in Japan, Nintendo has started losing out to Sony's rival Playstation Portable (PSP). Games magazine publisher Enterbrain reckons the PSP has now outsold the DS for five months in a row. "
From product reviews:

"We were right about the larger screen, 17 percent larger in fact. The screen is now 3.25 Inches. There is also a 3 megapixel camera. The DSi will also come with a SD memory card slot, as well as some enhancements to the audio.
The new Nintendo DSi is to feature a built-in-browser and a DSi shop. The DSi shop will work on a points system, when you purchase a new DSi, you will receive 1000 points to spend. As yet there are no pricing details on the new handheld games system."

Seems very promising for a new sleeker look- i would be happy walking around this gadget. The camera is certainly a bonus, wider screen, better audio, inegrated browser, media support... Although it doesn't have the GBA slot, who plays GBA games much anymore? Apart from those pokemon fans transferring pokemon from GBA to DS... that is me...

I would certainly get the new DSi if my DS ever broke or if i ever have the luxury to have two... I was actually recently thinking if Nintendo was going to make another Handheld.. guess they don't need to for a while...

But how much do they really cost..? More to come...


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