Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Ugly Betty Season 3 Episode 1 Recap

Ugly Betty Season 3 Episode 1

Wow... for the first half hour i was extremely disappointed with the plotline.. No Gio OR Henry!? I thought there would be something exciting for once... Well, Henry is gone back with Charlie and Gio off to Italy.. What's more, after her "trip away", Mode has been taken over by Willhemina and painted a luscious black, whilst Daniel is now head of PLAYER magazine... with his SON running around like a immature brat, who is uninteresting and just really annoying! FOr a while I thought i was watching a whole different show, until Christina shows up and her pregnancy storyline returns... Betty faces misfortune throughout the episode, including foodfight with Lindsay Lohan..!

Ofc, in the end, it is uplifting where Betty's run down apartment gets done up by the family, Betty is appreciated at Player Magazine and her next door neighbour is a good looking guy in a band. Wow, she is getting better love interests..! Her style has certainly improved... even if she is wearing Yellow boots...

All in all, the charm and humour is still present in season 3, just not sure of the plotlines... Bring Betty back to Mode, P-LEASE. There needs to be more Amanda aswell.. She certainly steals the show...

Plotlines to continue:
Amanda singing
Amanda's dad search
Christina's baby + Husband Crisis
Betty's lovelife- Gio/Henry/Jesse (neighbour)
Willhemina's evilness
Plotlines to drop:
Hilda's lovelife
New Plotlines:
Betty returns to Mode
Justin character development
Alexis more clever and not "dumbed down"
Introduction of another villain


  1. I really, really hope that Gio comes back again as a love interest. For now, the actor is only planning to come back one more time this season. I LOVED Gio and I'm not into this new neighbor of Betty's at all. I think it's over between Henry and Betty. That romance ran it's course and the actor has plans for his own television show so I doubt he will be back much if at all. I also read that Betty will have a crush on Jessie but he will not return his affections. Which only leaves one guy left! Hopefully Betty will mature enough this season to realize that Gio wasn't the rebound guy but THE GUY for her!

  2. Heya. Thanks for your comment!!! I agree and also know that Henry has moved on due to the actors other commitments. I didn't know about Gio tho, i read on wiki that he will return from italy in episode 4 or 5... Hopefully he is planning to stay. I think Gio has been the best guy for betty so far- Walter was just WRONG... Henry and his baby just doesn't work because Betty needs to have a virtuous relationship and i don't think introducing new love interests is the best way to go... Anyway, Cannot wait to find out what happens at Mode! :)


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