Thursday, 25 September 2008

ANTM Cycle 11 Ep 5

WOW, what can i say, they are chopping the girls down quickly! Its week 5 and the girls go to a bowling alley to learn how to walk. I have to say that most the girls are weak at walking, but are great at photoshoots! After returning home, they get Tyra Mail and their challenge is obviously runway. They go to this robust bank and walk... BLINDFOLDED... McKey did really well with that curtain pole up her back! Sheena and Joslyn did well, and Joslyn won the challenge, taking Sheena and Isis to the Seventeen magazine shoot, wearing designs from the 15 yr old russian girl... isnt she the daughter of that russian oil tycoon or something? Samantha did terrible, swinging her arms like King Kong and messing up her skirt, revealing more than we want to see..

Anyway, the downside was that one girl was going to be eliminated after the fashion show, and it was either Samantha or Hannah... well, Hannah, cos she didnt do well in photos OR runway. Last week's photo saved Samantha!

Their photo shoot was cool, where they had to smile with their eyes, and their body submerged in water. Nigel did the shoot... most the girls did well.. Clark, Analeigh, Sheena, Marjorie got good comments from Mr Jay.

At Panel, Clark got called first for being the only one who smiled with her eyes properly and bringing a fierceness.. Marjorie was called a drowning limp horseman by Paulina, but i thought it looked good, so did Tyra thank God! Lauren Brie got called early, but Elina!! Oh.. she was sooo bad. She didnt know what to do in the shoot, she just floated there... She was the third last to be called... WHAT HAPPENED!?!? Im rooting for you girl!!! In the end, it was Isis and Samantha in the bottom two, because the designer for the runway show was also at judging, and he was so insulted by Samantha for her walk...

Anyway, in the end Isis got eliminated... as he/she didnt do well at anything, like Hannah...

Now, its very tense, as all the girls are pretty good, some rising, some falling... Its very unpredictable now...

My new order:
1. Lauren Brie
2. Elina
3. Joslyn
4. Marjorie
5. Analeigh
6. Clark
7. Samantha
8. Sheena
9. McKey

Only 9 Left! Who will win?

I know Marjorie probably isnt going to win, but i really like her, she is almost as likeable as heather.. and her quirkiness at judging... it makes me laugh... aww!! I guess my rank order is now based on who i think will win, opposed to who i like most.... well... more of the former... hence McKey being in the bottom, just dont like her. NOTE: Marjorie looks abit like Naimah from Cycle 4!!


OMG if u saw the preview, what was up with Marjorie!?!? Why were the girls targetting her?!? I REALLY REALLY HOPE that it doesn't affect her performance... It's almost like Cycle 7 with melrose? and last cycle with lauren, whitney and dominique..? SOO MUCH DRAMA!

Can't wait!

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