Thursday, 18 September 2008

ANTM Cycle 11 Ep 4

Franka Potente (left), Marjorie Conrad (right)

It's Episode 4, and its Makeover time!! Tyra is in their living room, about to reveal their makeover when Ms Jay comes out as evil witch, gives her an apple, she falls "unconscious". Jay (the hot one), comes out and "kisses" her. *SHOCK*. she wakes up and
"forgets everything"... They'll find out tomorrow she says.

Once again, the girls' makeovers are unknown until AFTERwards, maybe another piece of evidence as to the low budget of this season? Anyway, not alot of the girls got mentioned during makeover process... Mainly, Elina, who got a - top model first- look, red hair and curls. She cried... but she got over it surprisingly quickly! Marjorie got brown hair and a trim, and she looks like Franka Potente!!! Lauren Brie just got brighter hair and a trim. McKey got black hair and a slight trim. Not many of them got drastic looks, apart from Elina. The number of weaves were minimal. Budget? low it seems....

When it got to the challenge, they had to put on covergirl makeup in Walmart, and shoot a 30 sec commercial which would be featured online... Again, only a few of the girls got shown, Marjorie stuttering, Analeigh doing not very well, and Hannah, who was shown the longest clip wins- obviously... Sheena wasn't shown at all.

Then at the photoshoot, they had to wear Swimsuits! First thought: ISIS. What was she/he going to do?? I thought there was going to be more drama etc, but the clip of him/her saying about the issue got replayed again. Like the 10th time this season!?!?

Most of the girls did well, with the few having negative comments (Brittany, hannah, Analeigh), coming lowest 3 at judging. What a given. They should make it more intense. However, i thought Isis would have come nearer the bottom. Saving him/her was purely for publicity. The question was, who came first!?? I wasn't sure, as Marjorie only got positive comments from Tyra, yet Paulina said hers looked like a hotel ad. Elina got good comments, whilst Pauline-yet again- commented on her tatoos. In the end, Elina got called first, followed by Lauren Brie... Marjorie came somewhere in the middle. In the end, Brittany got eliminated! I thought Isis should have gone, it was way past the time for her.

Anyway, here is my new order:

1. Elina
2. Marjorie
3. Lauren Brie
4. Samantha
5. Analeigh
6. Joslyn
7. Sheena
8. McKey
9. Clark
10. Hannah
11. Isis

Oh preview for next episode! One girl will be eliminated straight after the runway show! :O

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