Friday, 12 September 2008

ANTM Cycle 11 Ep 3

Episode 3 was a good start where the girls had to learn how to pose. Nikeysha did terrible. Sheena did well... and Elina did well.. they hardly showed anyone else. Then they were up for the challenge, posing for Tina Tarantino with handbags... the winner got a handbag full of jewellery!

In the photoshoot, they had to hang from a ladder to a hot air balloon, but the wind was too strong, so they just posed on the rope ladder. Lauren Brie did well, Elina did well... Nikeysha probably got the worse comments. (thought she'd leave throughout!)

At judging, Lauren Brie got called first, followed by Elina, Joslyn and Marjorie.. Sheena, when her photo was being evaluated, Paulina asked if her breasts were real, and she said yes. then afterwards came back to say they weren't real. Mixd opinions from the judges, but Sheena generally cool but abit TOO hooch!!!!

In the end, it was Isis and Nikeysha who was bottom two.. and Nikeysha gets eliminated. I have to say that Marjorie's photo was amazing, with the ribbon in such a nice way, she should've been called first!!! But Lauren Brie did deserve it...

Here is my new order:

1. Elina
2. Marjorie
3. Lauren Brie
4. Joslyn
5. Sheena
6. Brittany
7. Analeigh
8. Isis
9. Samantha
10. McKey
11. Hannah
12. Clark

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