Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Ugly Betty Season 3 Episode 1 Recap

Ugly Betty Season 3 Episode 1

Wow... for the first half hour i was extremely disappointed with the plotline.. No Gio OR Henry!? I thought there would be something exciting for once... Well, Henry is gone back with Charlie and Gio off to Italy.. What's more, after her "trip away", Mode has been taken over by Willhemina and painted a luscious black, whilst Daniel is now head of PLAYER magazine... with his SON running around like a immature brat, who is uninteresting and just really annoying! FOr a while I thought i was watching a whole different show, until Christina shows up and her pregnancy storyline returns... Betty faces misfortune throughout the episode, including foodfight with Lindsay Lohan..!

Ofc, in the end, it is uplifting where Betty's run down apartment gets done up by the family, Betty is appreciated at Player Magazine and her next door neighbour is a good looking guy in a band. Wow, she is getting better love interests..! Her style has certainly improved... even if she is wearing Yellow boots...

All in all, the charm and humour is still present in season 3, just not sure of the plotlines... Bring Betty back to Mode, P-LEASE. There needs to be more Amanda aswell.. She certainly steals the show...

Plotlines to continue:
Amanda singing
Amanda's dad search
Christina's baby + Husband Crisis
Betty's lovelife- Gio/Henry/Jesse (neighbour)
Willhemina's evilness
Plotlines to drop:
Hilda's lovelife
New Plotlines:
Betty returns to Mode
Justin character development
Alexis more clever and not "dumbed down"
Introduction of another villain

Thursday, 25 September 2008

ANTM Cycle 11 Ep 5

WOW, what can i say, they are chopping the girls down quickly! Its week 5 and the girls go to a bowling alley to learn how to walk. I have to say that most the girls are weak at walking, but are great at photoshoots! After returning home, they get Tyra Mail and their challenge is obviously runway. They go to this robust bank and walk... BLINDFOLDED... McKey did really well with that curtain pole up her back! Sheena and Joslyn did well, and Joslyn won the challenge, taking Sheena and Isis to the Seventeen magazine shoot, wearing designs from the 15 yr old russian girl... isnt she the daughter of that russian oil tycoon or something? Samantha did terrible, swinging her arms like King Kong and messing up her skirt, revealing more than we want to see..

Anyway, the downside was that one girl was going to be eliminated after the fashion show, and it was either Samantha or Hannah... well, Hannah, cos she didnt do well in photos OR runway. Last week's photo saved Samantha!

Their photo shoot was cool, where they had to smile with their eyes, and their body submerged in water. Nigel did the shoot... most the girls did well.. Clark, Analeigh, Sheena, Marjorie got good comments from Mr Jay.

At Panel, Clark got called first for being the only one who smiled with her eyes properly and bringing a fierceness.. Marjorie was called a drowning limp horseman by Paulina, but i thought it looked good, so did Tyra thank God! Lauren Brie got called early, but Elina!! Oh.. she was sooo bad. She didnt know what to do in the shoot, she just floated there... She was the third last to be called... WHAT HAPPENED!?!? Im rooting for you girl!!! In the end, it was Isis and Samantha in the bottom two, because the designer for the runway show was also at judging, and he was so insulted by Samantha for her walk...

Anyway, in the end Isis got eliminated... as he/she didnt do well at anything, like Hannah...

Now, its very tense, as all the girls are pretty good, some rising, some falling... Its very unpredictable now...

My new order:
1. Lauren Brie
2. Elina
3. Joslyn
4. Marjorie
5. Analeigh
6. Clark
7. Samantha
8. Sheena
9. McKey

Only 9 Left! Who will win?

I know Marjorie probably isnt going to win, but i really like her, she is almost as likeable as heather.. and her quirkiness at judging... it makes me laugh... aww!! I guess my rank order is now based on who i think will win, opposed to who i like most.... well... more of the former... hence McKey being in the bottom, just dont like her. NOTE: Marjorie looks abit like Naimah from Cycle 4!!


OMG if u saw the preview, what was up with Marjorie!?!? Why were the girls targetting her?!? I REALLY REALLY HOPE that it doesn't affect her performance... It's almost like Cycle 7 with melrose? and last cycle with lauren, whitney and dominique..? SOO MUCH DRAMA!

Can't wait!

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

FM 100 Hue Test

FM 100 Hue Test

I got a score of 4!! Interesting, as im an Art Student.. What score did YOU get?

Thursday, 18 September 2008

ANTM Cycle 11 Ep 4

Franka Potente (left), Marjorie Conrad (right)

It's Episode 4, and its Makeover time!! Tyra is in their living room, about to reveal their makeover when Ms Jay comes out as evil witch, gives her an apple, she falls "unconscious". Jay (the hot one), comes out and "kisses" her. *SHOCK*. she wakes up and
"forgets everything"... They'll find out tomorrow she says.

Once again, the girls' makeovers are unknown until AFTERwards, maybe another piece of evidence as to the low budget of this season? Anyway, not alot of the girls got mentioned during makeover process... Mainly, Elina, who got a - top model first- look, red hair and curls. She cried... but she got over it surprisingly quickly! Marjorie got brown hair and a trim, and she looks like Franka Potente!!! Lauren Brie just got brighter hair and a trim. McKey got black hair and a slight trim. Not many of them got drastic looks, apart from Elina. The number of weaves were minimal. Budget? low it seems....

When it got to the challenge, they had to put on covergirl makeup in Walmart, and shoot a 30 sec commercial which would be featured online... Again, only a few of the girls got shown, Marjorie stuttering, Analeigh doing not very well, and Hannah, who was shown the longest clip wins- obviously... Sheena wasn't shown at all.

Then at the photoshoot, they had to wear Swimsuits! First thought: ISIS. What was she/he going to do?? I thought there was going to be more drama etc, but the clip of him/her saying about the issue got replayed again. Like the 10th time this season!?!?

Most of the girls did well, with the few having negative comments (Brittany, hannah, Analeigh), coming lowest 3 at judging. What a given. They should make it more intense. However, i thought Isis would have come nearer the bottom. Saving him/her was purely for publicity. The question was, who came first!?? I wasn't sure, as Marjorie only got positive comments from Tyra, yet Paulina said hers looked like a hotel ad. Elina got good comments, whilst Pauline-yet again- commented on her tatoos. In the end, Elina got called first, followed by Lauren Brie... Marjorie came somewhere in the middle. In the end, Brittany got eliminated! I thought Isis should have gone, it was way past the time for her.

Anyway, here is my new order:

1. Elina
2. Marjorie
3. Lauren Brie
4. Samantha
5. Analeigh
6. Joslyn
7. Sheena
8. McKey
9. Clark
10. Hannah
11. Isis

Oh preview for next episode! One girl will be eliminated straight after the runway show! :O

Friday, 12 September 2008

ANTM Cycle 11 Ep 3

Episode 3 was a good start where the girls had to learn how to pose. Nikeysha did terrible. Sheena did well... and Elina did well.. they hardly showed anyone else. Then they were up for the challenge, posing for Tina Tarantino with handbags... the winner got a handbag full of jewellery!

In the photoshoot, they had to hang from a ladder to a hot air balloon, but the wind was too strong, so they just posed on the rope ladder. Lauren Brie did well, Elina did well... Nikeysha probably got the worse comments. (thought she'd leave throughout!)

At judging, Lauren Brie got called first, followed by Elina, Joslyn and Marjorie.. Sheena, when her photo was being evaluated, Paulina asked if her breasts were real, and she said yes. then afterwards came back to say they weren't real. Mixd opinions from the judges, but Sheena generally cool but abit TOO hooch!!!!

In the end, it was Isis and Nikeysha who was bottom two.. and Nikeysha gets eliminated. I have to say that Marjorie's photo was amazing, with the ribbon in such a nice way, she should've been called first!!! But Lauren Brie did deserve it...

Here is my new order:

1. Elina
2. Marjorie
3. Lauren Brie
4. Joslyn
5. Sheena
6. Brittany
7. Analeigh
8. Isis
9. Samantha
10. McKey
11. Hannah
12. Clark

Monday, 8 September 2008

ANTM Cycle 11 Ep 1 and 2


I finally got round to watching ANTM Cycle 11 with its 2 hour premiere. There's something strange about the girls picked- there's a transvestite/transgender..?, then there's a lesbian... 1/3 of the girls look like past competitors, there was a Whitney, a Bre, a Tiffany.... only a few girls stood out...

The shoot was a good idea, a little too advertising... Marjorie did amazing (my fav atm..) and then some of the others did ok.. it's only the first week! Needless to say, the house is gorgeous and they're going to show the person who was called first's picture digitally for a whole week!! Will be seeing Marjorie quite a lot the next ep? :)

Here is my rank order for ep 1 and 2:

1. Marjorie
2. Elina
3. Joslyn
4. Sheena
5. Mckey
6. Lauren
7. Analeigh
8. Isis
9. Samantha
10. Brittany
11. Hannah
12. Clark
13. Nikeysha

All in all, i can for-see lots of drama, probably why they're picked- for the money, right? Tyra did say they needed to be "bankable", and then said she wouldn't get a job modelling in the way she was atm (yes, she does look bigger.. and she said cellulite was her friend? :O)

While I'm writing about ANTM, I have to say that Heather Kuzmich is still the best contestant EVER... She is like the singlemost charming sweet thing on the Earth... she just cracks me up!

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Heather Kuzmich- Wedding Essentials Magazine Spread

Since the competition, Heather has been featured in numerous magazine spreads talking about her modelling career and her aspergers syndrome.

Here is her first proper fashion shoot for Wedding Essentials. She looks uber high fashion, and it is a stunning spread.

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Heather Kuzmich's Portfolio

Heather Kuzmich was my favourite throughout cycle 9 of America's next top model. She was so funny in the show, and her awkwardness was to love. She did so well, and was Covergirl of the week almost every week and would've topped Naima's record, if she had gotten one more! Also, she was voted Covergirl of the week even after she was eliminated!

She has aspergers syndrome, and finds it difficult to communicate, but throughout the competition she has been strong and tried her best, and was in the final 4. I thought she should've been saved instead of Jenah, but I am sure she will have a strong career ahead of her.

Here is her ANTM portfolio:

Monday, 1 September 2008

Blogging At the "Edge Of The Plank"

So I created this new blog called "Edge of the plank"... why? Because EVERYTHING else is taken... and after trying an array of other random phrases such as blueberry muffin, apple core, banana peel and so on, I finally found one that works!!! DARN, I forgot to try phoebephalange... but I'll bet thats taken too!

Anyway, at this new blog, I'll be blogging about lots of random stuff that inspires me or just interesting or funny... :P basically just me expressing lots of random, yet hopefully interesting things as well :P

THIS is bananapeel. Check them out cos that name is WASTED on them! GOSH!!!


And this also means farewell to my old blog... which was a pitiful Xanga that hardly anyone read...

If you are still interested in some uber-old posts, please see:

My Xanga


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