Thursday, 26 November 2015

'Captain America: Civil War' Film Trailer Preview

The latest Marvel flagship franchise drops its trailer. Featuring one of the biggest casts since the last Avengers movie, 'Captain America: Civil War' brings together Iron Man, Black Widow as well as Scarlet Witch.

As the title suggests, Captain America (Chris Evans), in defense of his friend Bucky (Sebastian Stan), sets off a rift between his former allies. This film will also feature the new Spider Man (Tom Holland). It will be interesting to see how this, until now, independent franchise is tied into the Marvel Universe.

Civil War also stars Paul Rudd as Ant Man, Antony Mackie as Falcon, Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye, Paul Bettany, Emily Vancamp and Daniel Bruhl.

Check out the trailer below and be prepared for the biggest blockbuster of the summer in 2016:

Sunday, 22 November 2015

'The Huntsman: Winter's War' Film Trailer Preview

The trailer to the sequel of the popular 'Snow White and the Huntsman' film has been released.

Starring Chris Hemsworth, the film banishes Kristen Stewart in favour of the huntsman. Joined by Jessica Chastain, Emily Blunt and Charlize Theron, this movie is full of girl power and the trailer looks even better than the first film. 

Prepare to be enchanted...

The Huntsman will premiere in 2016. Check out the trailer below:

'Now You See Me: The Second Act' Film Trailer Preview

The trailer for the highly anticipated sequel to the magician heist movie 'Now You See Me' has been released.

Featuring all of the original cast apart from Isla Fisher (annoyingly replaced by Lizzy Caplan due to scheduling conflicts), the Four Horseman return to showcase more psychological and physical magic tricks, whilst Arthur Tressler's son (Daniel Radcliffe) seeks to bring the group to justice to avenge his father.

NYSM2 stars Mark Ruffalo, Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Dave Franco, Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, Jay Chou and Lizzy Caplan.

The film will be released next summer. Check out the trailer below:

America's Next Top Model Cycle 22 Episode 15 Recap

So it's Guy against Guy, Girl against Girl in this penultimate episode EVER of America's Next Top Model. They all talk about their upbringing and response to last week's non-elimination. It's interesting also because the group is split in two: Nyle and Lacey, Mame and Mikey; but there can only be one guy and one girl!

The first photo shoot will be their Nylon cover (and spread?) that sees them 'break in' to a school and shoot with the pool. 

Friday, 20 November 2015

Favourite ANTM Contestants Per Cycle

Here is an updated version of my favourite contestants per cycle, why, and their my favourite photo of them during the competition.

Cycle 1- Elyse Sewell

She was the loudmouthed one who said what was on her mind. She was quite outrageous and daring, and took great pictures. She made it to the final three, but was interesting as a person and managed to stir up quite a lot of drama!

Cycle 2- Shandi Sullivan

The "geek" who made the biggest transformation. She made such progress, you really rooted for her throughout the cycle... She is also best known for her "affair" with a male model with which caused great drama with her boyfriend... and so on... She managed to land a spot in the final three, but did not get to walk the runway.

Cycle 3- Yaya DaCosta

She was the girl with the bad skin... and wow did it improve throughout the cycle. She had stunning facial features, a great portfolio and a great walk, and got to the final two, losing out to Eva. She should've won! However, now she is an actress and a model, landing in roles such as Ugly Betty.

Cycle 4- Kahlen Rondot

She was a fierce beauty and she just had that edge to her. I liked Naima as well, but Kahlen was more interesting and had more depth to her. She took many stunning pictures, and was a finalist, losing out to Naima. Due to her resemblance to model Carmen Kass, she is currently NOT modelling, and is working as a bartender. Wasted potential!!

Cycle 5- Sarah Rhoades

I thought she had great potential- stunning features, beautiful lips, but her lack of confidence and her "fling" with fellow contestant Kim lead to her downfall and she was unfortunately eliminated quite early on in the competition...

Cycle 6- Joanie Dodds

She was the most interesting one, and had lots to say. She made you smile and she had funny things to say. She took some great photos as well... Although she didn't win, she should've, but she made it to the final 2.

Cycle 7- Melrose Bickerstaff

Melrose, throughout the competition was hated by the other girls. She was always alone, but her confidence in herself, and the fact she win loads of competitions, and one memorable moment where she STOLE the prize off another girl as part of the challenge, was just hilarious.

Cycle 8- Natasha Galkina

She was Russian, which gave her an immediate edge. She was interesting and smiley, and was fierce competition for the other girls. She managed to get to the final, but lost out to Jaslene.

Cycle 9- Heather Kuzmich

This was one of my favourites EVER, until Allison came along... she still rocks. Although she has aspergers syndrome, Heather came into the competition with optimism and humour. She was very funny throughout the competition, especially when trying to sell that wine glass... and took some stunning photos. She is a great ambassador for aspergers and is a successful model now.

Check out her cycle portfolio here

Cycle 10- Katarzyna Dolinska

Katarzyna is quite quiet, and has coasted throughout the competition. She has amazing facial features, especially her cheek bones. She has never done amazing, but has been a dark horse, and was spontaneously eliminated for a photo Tyra didn't like, although I thought was gorgeous. Also, the fact that Tyra couldn't say her name, and had to be corrected about once every episode made her the favourite for this cycle.

Cycle 11- Marjorie Conrad

Marjorie is the quirky and shy one of Cycle 11, who seems to rock at the photo shoots! She has an interesting personality, and is always smiley... She bears a resemblance to Franka Potente, and was robbed of a place in the final due to a bad photoshoot (where she didn't have any props, whilst McKey had like loads). Talk about unfair! Anyway, her stunning photos and her funny self got her this spot.

Check out her cycle portfolio here

Cycle 12- Allison Harvard

She is known as the "big eyed" girl, quirky, quiet and shy... but she has wowed us with the stunning photos week after week. She progressed significantly and got to the final 2, losing out to Teyona.

She is so funny throughout the cycle, saying random things that just make you laugh... most notably her confession to loving nosebleeds, and who could miss her finale of writhing around in (mud?) and her funky walk with the scarf (shaking it like maracas as she passes Ms. Jay).

Check out her cycle portfolio here

Cycle 13- Nicole Fox

Nicole, again is the quirky, shy, quiet one, who takes stunning pictures. She is perhaps a bit awkward but she isn't afraid to embarass herself. Every picture she took in the cycle was STUNNING, and thus, she won! She still has to work on her walk and her personality, but she is definitely high fashion, and has a long career ahead of her as a petite model!

Check out her Cycle Portfolio here

Cycle 14- Jessica Serfaty

The typical girl next door, Jessica proved she can take some stunning pictures early on in the cycle, with several first call outs. Unfortunately towards the end, she just didn't give what the judges wanted and was eliminated.

Cycle 15: Jane Randall

I grew to like her as the weeks progressed and she has such a stunning face- she is definitely the most beautiful this cycle but has that edge due to her jaw structure. She was top 4 before being axed, but was told by Tyra she "will make lots of money" and to "sign up to an agency right away". 

Jane proved she can take stunning pictures but also has personality- even if the judges don't realise it. Check out her portfolio here.

CYCLE 16: Jaclyn Poole + Hannah Jones
This cycle had so many likeable girls, but unfortunately, I can only pick one to be my favourite and that has to be Jaclyn- SCREW THAT. Two girls stood out to me from the beginning which were Jaclyn and Hannah. Jaclyn had much more screen time before her elimination so she was more obvious favourite but afterwards, Hannah was able to shine through.  

As a model she had one of the strongest portfolios and was prematurely eliminated. Just look at her best shot- you can't eliminate a girl who can transform into THAT.

Hannah has been so bubbly and cheery throughout the whole cycle, radiating a spark of energy and excitement even when she's just standing there that you can't help but like her! She took phenomenal high fashion photos and got to the top three! 


CYCLE 17: Allison Harvard
The ALL STARS cycle has been announced and out of the selection there is clearly only one girl that can be my favourite and that is Allison, who I rooted for in Cycle 12 and was a finalist. How will she do this time?


Allison rocked it this cycle yet again taking stunning picture after stunning picture. Many times she was called later than she should have but nonetheless got the BEST call out average out of all the girls overall. Being in the bottom two only once throughout the cycle (the one before the finale), this is one of the best performances in ANTM history.

Her runway was great and so was her commercial but guess what? She was robbed once again- I am utterly distraught at the travesty that Tyra and the judges have made. Urgh.

Here is my favourite photo of Allison from the cycle- it wasn't even from an official photoshoot (from the fashion editorial) and she looks mesmerising!

Cycle 18 (BRITISH INVASION): Ashley Brown
Ashley was so sweet yet hilarious on this flop of a cycle of ANTM... she just looked like she had fun on the show and didn't think much of it, accepting her early departure graciously and with humour. Despite not having the best portfolio, she definitely has the personality to match :) 

Cycle 19 (COLLEGE EDITION): Brittany Brown
Whilst she didn't stand out at the beginning of this cycle, she grew more and more likeable and was drastically cut the same episode they brought back an eliminated girl. She was sweet but also had an edge (which still needed to be harnessed) but still pulled out some great shots.

Cycle 20 (BOYS VS GIRLS): Jourdan Miller
Whilst she seemed like the typical blonde to begin with, my eye was on her since the paint photo shoot; she produced one of the best shots in ANTM history, and went on to win the whole cycle. Of course, I liked Nina and Chris H, but Jourdan's photos were just a notch above everyone else's! Congrats Jourdan!

Cycle 21 (BOYS VS GIRLS II): Matthew Smith
Despite only having an average portfolio, Matthew was definitely my favourite from the beginning. He has one of the most beautiful faces that has graced Top Model since guys were introduced and a sincere personality to match. Definitely eliminated before his time, here is my favourite shot of him from the cycle.

Cycle 22 (BOYS VS GIRLS III): Nyle Dimarco
Nyle is undoubtedly my favourite this cycle from the first episode. Although he is deaf, he has throughout the cycle, been noted to take the best direction and 'listens' to feedback. Whilst his shoots during the show were hit and miss; mostly a pretty face and body, his work outside the show is much stronger. Check out his shoot with Tony Veloz. Having gained a massive following through the show, he has launched his own sign language course on an app and worked with numerous photographers including Mike Ruiz.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Marlon Teixeira for Agua de Coco Summer 2016


Marlon Teixeira is featured in the Summer 2016 campaign for Agua de Coco. Having been a regular face for the brand, he is once again shot by Eduardo Rezende, sporting a series of denim, swimwear and Summer beach clothing.

Check out the rest of the images below:

Sunday, 15 November 2015

America's Next Top Model Cycle 22 Episode 14 Recap

Been a busy week, so it's going to be a short recap this week. It's the final four and with just a few weeks to go, it really is neck and neck to who will become America's Next Top Model.

This week, the contestants shoot a mock Nylon cover and will be judged based on popularity from the public. The editing was insubstantial and looked as if they took a very small sample, though we also spotted that all the contestants' covers were on the stand, probably as a decoy. 

In the end, Nyle won the challenge (since the client from Nylon seemed to like him the most) even though Mikey's cover seems to fit the brand better.

For the photo shoot, Tyra invited her mother to be behind the camera, and a surprise for the contestants is the arrival of each of their mothers. But that's not all. The mothers will be in front of the camera with them.

Mame struggles to reconnect with her mother from Ghana who hasn't seen her in a couple of years. No negative feedback was given on set, just suggestions and demos from Tyra, probably to avoid offending said mums.

At panel...

Mame gets two good shots, I liked the first shot better than the second, just seemed a bit cheesy. It's a nice photo and portrait of them both, but not high fashion imo.

Nyle's photos were brilliant and his mother definitely did him a service, and showed some strong bond that transcends speech. FCO needed.

Lacey's shoots were ok. Lacey definitely looked good but the two shots seem a bit too samey and her mother's hair was really distracting.

Mikey- both shots are strong for him but his mother's lips just too pursed and she looks constantly pissed. Don't really like these photos.

So who will make it to the final three? First call out goes to...
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