Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Keira Knightley in Interview Magazine (Sep 2014)

Keira Knightley covers the September issue of Interview Magazine amongst a phethora of other stars including Nicole Kidman and Naomi Campbell. Shot by Patrick Demarchelier.

Knightley can currently be seen in cinemas alongside Mark Ruffalo in 'Begin Again' and in September in 'Laggies'.

Check out the rest of the shoot below:

'Nightcrawler' Film Trailer Preview

Jake Gyllenhaal stars in 'Nightcrawler' as a starved, job hungry young man who starts his own career in freelance crime journalism, an obsession that drives him to extreme lengths, even murder?

The film looks to be an intense and exciting thriller, with some twists and turns. No doubt Gyllenhaal will gain another Oscar nom for this one.

Also stars Rene Russo.

The film will be released in America in October. Check out the trailer below:


America's Next Top Model Cycle 21 Episode 2 Recap

So it's week two of the auditions and the final 22 (?) are being whittled down to just 14, and we'll also see the inevitable squishing of Danny's ego and confidence as he ultimately discovers he WON'T be making the cut.

But first, the contestants take the subway for their first challenge. 4 stops. 4 seasons. A few minutes to pick their outfit and board or get left behind.

Spring~ 22

Will does a good job.

Summer~ 21 Lenox misses the train! :(

Mirjana gets disqualified for having only two items.
Matthew has a nice outfit.

Fall~ 6 remain! Shei, Romeo and Adam are amongst those that did not board! oops.

Matthew has a boring outfit this time (and no pants?) lol
Danny doesn't have a great look but managed to get on the train.
Ben looks pretty good, kind of like an Adult 'Oliver' with his bare feet.
Zaquan (WHO?)
Ivy is average

Winter~ 2 remain (Matthew and Danny)

I thought Danny had the better outfit and some nice poses actually. 

In the end, the winner of the challenge is... Matthew!! Woop! 

For this week's photo shoot, the group will be on the beach in one huge group shot- standing out WILL count. Shot by Yu Tsai, who will also be the creative director for the season.

Here is the final shot:

Will's hand on Denzel's chest lols, Ben grabbing Josh's leg, Mirjana is unrecognisable- her face is so squished, Will looks great, Danny is kind of out of the action, Ivy looks pretty good. 

After the judges deliberate, the final fourteen are:


Next week, the contestants will be walking in a fashion show wearing... string! And tensions flare amongst the group. 

Tyra looked super cute this week!

Tentative Top Three:

1. Matthew
2. Will
3. Lenox/Ivy/Chantelle

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

America's Next Top Model Cycle 21 Episode 1 Recap

ANTM's back for another Guys and Girls season (will it be the last?). To start things off, Cory from C20 hosts an EDM themed runway show, where the 30 contestants must walk to the end of the runway and take a selfie (which will be judged) using the LINE app. Random... before the top 14 are selected. 

So... Miss Jay is back as runway coach!

Memorable walks include arrogant Adam's roaring selfies.

At judging, Adam is super annoying- urgh kind of hate him already, but he does have something :/

Romeo kind of creeps me out.

Danny still isn't memorable.

This Jamie Rae 'Barbie' girl is not going to go far. AT ALL. 

Matthew has a cookie cutter face and looks like a standard hair model.

So the contestants go bowling to reveal who makes the top 22...(even though we already know who makes it) and it'll take another week for them to drag out the auditions for top 14. What? Pfft... ok so boring first episode, but first picks are Matt, Lenox and maybe Chantelle. 

Let's hope it gets interesting. Quickly. 

Monday, 18 August 2014

Taylor Swift 'Shake It Off' Official Music Video

Taylor Swift announced that her new album '1989' will drop on October 27th, and with it, the lead single 'Shake It Off' with music video.

The song is about responding to rumours and what other people think. The video shows Swift being herself amongst different groups of dancers. Swift also does a bit of rapping in the bridge. What do you think?

Check out the video below:

Taylor Swift '1989' Album Preview

Two years ago, Taylor Swift released record breaking new album 'Red' on my Birthday, and given her two year an album time scale, surely tonight's Yahoo announcement will be about the new project, and a new single debut no less! 

Taylor Swift's LIVE STREAM will begin in less than 1 hour!

So Taylor Swift looks gorgeous on top of the Empire State Building :)

SECRET #1: Shake It Off? About reactions to rumours and what other people say...

SECRET #2: NEW ALBUM called '1989' out OCTOBER 27th! WOOP

SECRET #3: Taylor Swift debuts the 'Shake It Off' Music Video! 

Friday, 15 August 2014

Prague Photography

I went to Prague for a week last month and finally have time to put up this post. The city was beautiful, with some rather picturesque views, decorative ornament and one Gehry building. 

Making for a nice city break, the old town, castles and hot spots along the river Vltava offer something for everyone.

Check out more images below:

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