Sunday, 25 September 2016

Hannah Jones for Elegant Magazine (Sep 2016)

ANTM Alumni Hannah Jones is featured in the September issue of Elegant Magazine. Shot by Candice Ghai, Jones wears a selection of ethereal gowns and accessorised with mermaid-esque jewellery and headwear.

Check out the rest of the spread below:

Thursday, 22 September 2016

'Ghost in the Shell' Film Trailer Preview

The first clips to upcoming Japanese classic 'Ghost in the Shell' has been released, and a fan has pieced them together to form its first teaser trailer.

Controversially starring Scarlett Johansson as The Major, a cyborg human hybrid, that leads a team to take down an enemy of computer hackers, intent of bringing a cyber technology company down.

Whilst the original was made at a time and context that really resonated with Japan, whether this becomes a hit as well in its obviously westernised take or another piece of nostalgia cash cow remains to be seen.

The film premieres March 2017. Check out the first teaser trailer below:

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

'Passengers' Film Trailer Preview

There seems to now always be this one sci-fi space movie that comes out every year with awards bait written all over it... we had Gravity, Interstellar, The Martian... and now it seems 'Passengers' is filling that role (or is it in contention with 'Arrival'?).

Starring two of Hollywood's most sought after stars, Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt are two space colonists awoken early in cryogenic sleep on a routine journey to a new space home. 90 years too early. The two eventually fall in love, but when they discover that the ship is malfunctioning, they must try to save themselves, and the 5000 other people on board.

Whilst the two stars will be enough to draw a large audience, the trailer suggests that the film will boast spectacular visuals and some exciting action. I just hope that the romance isn't always this cheesy, and that there is some deeper and more complex plot.

The film will be released this December. Check out the trailer below:

Thursday, 15 September 2016

'Nocturnal Animals' Film Trailer Preview

Following his film debut of 'A Single Man', Tom Ford's second film looks to be an awards hit, having just won the Venice Grand Jury prize.

'Nocturnal Animals' follows a divorced couple played by Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal in a dark romantic thriller filled with tension, revenge and redemption. 

With a great support cast including Michael Shannon, Aaron Taylor Johnson, Armie Hammer and Isla Fisher, this looks to be one crazy film, if the trailer is anything to go by.

'Nocturnal Animals' premiere this December. Check out the trailer below:

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

'La La Land' Film Trailer Preview

From director Damien Chazelle (Oscar nominated for Whiplash), comes a musical starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling.

Currently making a huge splash at the festival circuit, 'La La Land' tells the story of an aspiring actress and a jazz pianist, who fall in love whilst the rise and fall of their careers threaten to tear them apart.

Winning best actress at the Venice Film Festival, Emma Stone is a likely contender for next year's Academy awards, and the unanimous praise for the film at Venice, TIFF and Telluride may make this a contender in many other categories too.

'La La Land' will be on general release this December. Check out the trailer below:

Nyle Dimarco for Simons Fall 2016 Collection

Nyle is shot by D. Picard for Simons Fall 2016 collection, both 'Travel' and 'Denim' collections. The deaf model and winner of America's Next Top Model and Dancing With The Stars will be starting his Chippendale's gig at the end of September, but before then, will fit in more modelling work in Montreal Canada, and continues to teach sign language on Instagram and through an ASL app.

Check out the rest of the shots below:

'Miss Sloane' Film Trailer Preview

Jessica Chastain stars in upcoming political thriller 'Miss Sloane', that sees her character lobby against gun control. 

The film also stars Mark Strong, John Lithgow and Alison Pill. The current teaser trailer is a snappy and sharp preview of Chastain's opening scene interspersed with clips of political sabotage and tense confrontations. Could this film gain Chastain her third Oscar nom?

'Miss Sloane' is released on 9th December. Check out the trailer below:


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