Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Taylor Swift in UK Vogue (Nov 2014)

Taylor Swift covers the UK edition of Vogue thos November, ahead of her October album release of '1989'. Having just been featured in Rolling Stone and obtaining another #1 hit with 'Shake it Off', Swift launches new fragrance 'Incredible Things' for fans to add to their shopping list. 

'1989' drops October 29th. Check out more images from Vogue below:

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Keira Knightley in Glamour UK (Nov 2014)

Keira Knightley covers the November issue of Glamour UK, in which she talks about turning 30 next March and her wedding last year. Knightley has had a busy year, having starred in 'Begin Again' and soon to be released 'Laggies' and 'The Imitation Game'

Check out more images below:

Monday, 29 September 2014

Reese Witherspoon in Vogue (Oct 2014)

Photographed by Mikael Jansson, Reese Witherpoon covers the October issue of Vogue Magazine. Starring in her self funded project, 'Wild', the actress is already getting Oscar buzz for the role. 

In the magazine, she talks about how she became interested in the project and what her new production company is all about. 

Check out more photos below:

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Allison Harvard: A Retrospective (2009-2014)

It has been five years since Allison Harvard first graced our screens in America's Next Top Model Cycle 12 and quickly became many people's favourite, including mine. Outrage at her losing her cycle flooded the internet, but the big eyes blonde has proven herself throughout the years, now an international star.

Initially, Harvard's post-show work mainly featured photos shot by her then boyfriend Zachary Chick in candid shots and some test shoots here or there, but her modelling career was extremely quiet. Interested in photography, directing and film, Harvard stood behind the camera as well as in front.

When news of an ALL STAR cycle of ANTM surfaced, fans all longed to see Harvard return to the show, and indeed she did, producing a stunning portfolio. Despite being clearly the fan's favourite, and most likely to be able to establish a brand for herself, she again, was a runner up, as if Tyra and the crew had some sort of vendetta against her winning. 

However, it was during this cycle that Harvard connected with designer Michael Cinco, who loved her look and cast her as the face of his fragrance 'Impalpable', introducing her to the whole of Philippines, in which she is now a household name when she walked in the Philippines Fashion week in 2012 for Bench.

Since All Stars, Allison Harvard has been featured in numerous magazines, including WeTheUrban, Bello Magazine and even Harper's Bazaar Vietnam opposite current ANTM contestant Matthew Smith. 

Recently Harvard hosted a Philippines television show 'Mega Fashion Crew' and will also be a judge for 'Celebrity Dance Battle'. Her stints on TV doesn't end her though, as she'll be making a return to Cycle 21 of America's Next Top Model as a guest. 

Check out some of Allison's best shots through the years below:

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

America's Next Top Model Cycle 21 Episode 6 Recap

The contestants' get launched straight into their photo shoot, which is the stupid hair flip one- awful creative and awful styling. This is possibly the worst ANTM photo shoot of ALL TIME.

Actually looks OK here :O
Ben sort of struggles- his look is a total mess. Whoever assigned it should be fired. Adam seems to have done well. Shei's film is beautiful and so is Raelia's. Lenox breaks down after three takes, walking off set and crying. Surprisingly, Yu Tsai comforts her, though we all know too well that someone's going to question if she can handle the industry. Doesn't she watch Top Model?! She should know this! Anyway, it's pretty clear she gets a good shot.

Mirjana looks amazing in this hair, her face is gorgeous- if only she wasn't so annoying in person! Denzel does well. Keith's hair is horrible and somewhat struggles. 

Raelia sounds like Angelea O.O

Nina returns to hold a little party in the house, with guest star Nick Cannon. The challenge is to create an ad for his new line of headphones. They will be divided into three groups and shoot a panoramic ad.

Pool Party

Bored girls see hot guy at party

Using the headphones

In the end, Lenox wins the challenge, which was a simple but effective shot.

The contestants mope at the challenge scores, but really, the lowest being an 8 and only two points apart from the top, it doesn't make a difference. Wait till they get to judging and Kelly throws wild numbers here and there- THAT will send them home!

Challenge scores:

At panel...

Adam 8,8,8
Not a bad film. Not amazing. But not creeped out either.

Ben 6,6,5
Going home!!! Awful hair. Awkward film- he looked kind of sleepy halfway through. That styling was SABOTAGE.

Kari 7,6,9
She looked great at the end ! :P If only they picked that as the picture!!

Matthew 8,6,8
Looks good, but not amazing

Keith 7,9,7
The styling is awful again and the film makes it look like he's losing hair or thinning hair- eww. 

Mirjana 9,9,9
It's a gorgeous film and a beautiful photo, probably the best one this week imo. Such a flawless film... 

Denzel 8,9,7
Of the guys, his film is probably the best so far, not that much a fan of his photo but it isn't awful compared to some...

Shei 8,8,8
Strong, but still not 'stand out'. She's pretty boring right now... just coasting.

Raelia 8,9,9
Why is Kelly eating up everything Raelia does? Uhhh hate this favouritism. Not a fan of the multi-whip but she looked good at the end, that I'll admit. She's been overrated. EVERY WEEK.

Will 8,7,9
Strong finish in the film- beautiful photo if the hair was NOT there. He's definitely a contender!

Finally, Lenox 9,10,8
Beautiful film and wonderful shot- would've liked to seen more smize and sweetness, but it'll do. She's so getting the first call out, and Ben with his lowest score, goes HOME!

First call out goes to...

Monday, 22 September 2014

The Script 'No Sound Without Silence' Album Review

The Script's fourth album 'No Sound Without Silence' follows '#3', released two years ago, which spawned chart topping hit 'Hall of Fame'. 

Lead single 'Superheroes' is an upbeat and catchy track that offers a positive message, and gives a snap shot of the album's message of voicing out with thought, emphasising the importance of silence, for without it, what is sound?

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Open House 2014

Today, I visited the Gherkin and the Cheese Grater as part of Open House 2014. Despite the long queues (2 hrs and 1.5hrs wait respectively), the views were spectacular and it was great to see the newly built RS+H skyscraper.

For those going tomorrow, top tip is to wrap up warm, buy some food and grab a hot drink before joining the queue, and get your camera ready when you reach the top!

Here are my best snaps of the day:

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