Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Lisbon Photography

Can't believe it has been a month ago since I went to Lisbon for a short break. Apart from one incident of attempted pickpocking, I can say that Lisbon is a beautiful little port city that isn't dominated by large sights, but rather distinct in it's character and culture, history and food. 

We also ventured out to Sintra and Cascais for a day trip to explore another side of Portugal, which offered some beautiful picturesque moments. The sublime weather aided in the capturing of some stunning photos which I am very proud of.

Check them out below:

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Disney Pixar's 'Inside Out' Film Review

Discounting the lacklustre 'Brave', it has been six years since Pixar's last original film, 'Up'. The long wait has been worthwhile because 'Inside Out' is a true revival of Pixar's original movies.

Looking inside the head of Riley, an eleven year old girl, who has just moved from Minnesota to San Francisco, reveals the emotions that control her character and personality: Joy, Anger, Disgust, Sadness and Fear. 

Whilst Joy has dominated her childhood- learning to skate with her parents, being goofy and having a blast with her best friend... being eleven is a whole different playing field and sees Joy struggle to keep all her memories being happy. Desperate to give Riley a joyful day, a joyful month, a joyful year and thus a joyful life, Joy isolates Sadness, and a dispute leads the pair lost inside the depths of Riley's mind. 

With Anger, Disgust and Fear left to control Riley's emotions, Riley is at risk of losing all of her personality. Will Joy be able to make it back in time?

'Hot Pursuit' Film Review

Uptight and 'by the book' cop Cooper (Reese Witherspoon) is tasked with escorting the widow of a drug boss, Daniella Riva (Sofia Vergara), who is a key witness in the prosecution of a drug ring leader, only to find themselves being chased by corrupt cops and drug ring minions. As they begin to rely on each other for their protection, things begin to unravel.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Disney's 'Zootopia' Film Trailer Preview

Following the hugely successful 'Big Hero 6', Disney has released the latest teaser to their latest original animation feature, 'Zootopia'.

In a world where Humans did not exist, the animal kingdoms goes anthromorphic, the teaser reveals a fox [lead character] introduce us to this world and his interaction with a rival rabbit. Voiched by Ginnifer Goodwin and Jason Bateman.

How this pans out into a formidable story is yet to be revealed, but it looks to be an exciting venture- after all, it IS Disney!

Stay tuned for further information, check out the trailer below, due out 2016:

'Spectre' Film Trailer Preview

Following the hugely successful 'Skyfall', the highest grossing Bond film and winner of two Academy Awards, 'Spectre' sees Bond (Daniel Craig) uncover his past and along with it, a secret and dangerous organisation.

The trailer looks to follow from the dark tones of Skyfall, moving to locations Mexico for the Day of the Dead festival, Morocco and Rome.

'Spectre' features three leading ladies including Lea Seydoux, Monica Belluci and Stephanie Sigman, whilst Noamie Harris, Ben Whishaw and Ralph Fiennes return.

'Spectre' will be released this November. Check out the trailer below:

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Matthew Smith in Vulkan Magazine (July 2015)

America's Next Top Model contestant Matthew Smith is featured in Vulkan's online magazine feature. Shot by Brogan McNab and styled by Amber Watkins, Smith wears Tiger of Sweden, HDHomme and accessories by Caroline Neron.

Smith proves he can be versatile despite his early exit on the modelling show with campaigns for KARV and featured in numerous editorials including Harper's Bazaar and for Kei Moreno di Tomasso.

Check out the rest of the spread below:

APP: Lifeline (Review)

Your phone suddenly vibrates. You receive an anonymous message. From a junior astronaut who is the lone survivor of a spaceship accident. You are their only connection. This is the premise for 'Lifeline', an original adventure story from 'Three Minute Games'. 

As you communicate with Taylor, who relies on your advice for survival, an engrossing story and relationship unfolds over several days. Written by Dave Justus, 'Lifeline' offers an immersive choose your own adventure game that challenges the way stories are told and how games are played. 

Where graphics are purposefully lacking, Taylor is the living and breathing reality of your imagination. As you calm Taylor down after the crash, she (I imagined Taylor as female) begins to reveal the environment she is in and her sarcastic personality also blossoms.

Whilst some reviewers critiqued the game for its linear aspect, you can't help but feel responsible for Taylor's wellbeing and in the times of waiting (as she carries out your instruction or simply sleeps), you can't help but wonder what the outcome could be, knowing your actions could kill her.

Part of the experience is in the waiting. . . until your phone rings again. . . or not.

Overall 4/5
'Lifeline' enters an app market saturated with addictive games that seek to rob you of your money, but proves that a well written story and an original immersive experience is at the heart of a good game and one we will remember for a long time. 
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