Thursday, 28 April 2016

'Tulip Fever' Film Trailer Preview

The trailer to upcoming period drama 'Tulip Fever' starring Alicia Vikander has been released. The Oscar winner is set to repeat her successful 2015 with this movie, which sees her as a young married woman in 17th Century Amsterdam, trapped in a loveless marriage, falling in love with a painter who paints her portrait.

From the director of 'The Other Boleyn Girl', it looks to be a similar affair, one of deceit, betrayal, threat and even murder? The dramatic trailer once again hints at Vikander being at her best, and she can also be seen in 'Jason Bourne' as well as 'The Light Between Oceans' this year.

The film will premiere this July. Check out the trailer below:

Nyle Dimarco in Nylon Guys Indonesia (March/April 2016)

Nyle Dimarco, winner of the final cycle of America's Next Top Model not only won his US Nylon cover, but after his Oppo Asia tour, managed to secure the cover of Nylon Indonesia as well! I actually prefer this spread to his winning spread, its more laid back and simple.

Dimarco, who is on top of the world right now, is a strong representative for the deaf community, particularly on Dancing With the Stars, in which he is a front runner.

Check out the rest of the spread below:

Allison Harvard in Trend Prive Spring 2016

Allison Harvard is featured in Trend Prive Spring 2016 editorial. Shot by Franz Szony, the spread titled 'Painting the Roses' is a dreamy collage of fashion, art and styling. The high concept spread has a timeless quality and Allison is perfect in this shoot, similar to her shoots with Gee Plamenco and Bryan Kong.

Check out the rest of the spread below:

Saturday, 23 April 2016

'The Boss' Film Review

After financial tycoon Michelle Darnell (Melissa McCarthy) is caught for insider trading, she is sentenced to jail and loses everything. When she is released, she becomes dependent on her ex-assistant Claire (Kristen Bell) and plots her comeback with a brownie empire.

But when her past insecurities catches up to her, and her nemesis Renault (Peter Dinklage) is at her heel, she may lose everything once again.

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Asia's Next Top Model 4 Episode 7 Recap

The girls' challenge this week is an acting challenge revolving around smiling which was kind of random and more for drama, and the winner this week gets a dinner date, and that winner is Patricia.

For the photo shoot, the girls will be doing a close up campaign for Diamond Attraction tooth care, alongside Mike Lewis.

She struggles to begin with but after some crazy on set dancing gets better feedback from Yu Tsai and Kelly. She has a nice smile, but think her face is a bit awkward, but she's really selling the necklace?

She's awkward to begin with, but manages to get a good shot, think out of all the girls, she has the best connection and its probably the best shot this week.

Sang In
She's not comfortable smiling- she always have that same edgy face, but seems to have gotten a good shot in the end. Sang In has a good shot, but think there's some missing connection with Mike.

After an ass grab instigated by Kelly and fuelled by Yu Tsai, they seem happy with her shot. Not really sure if that direction was quite orthodox but she got a good shot in the end.

Picturing Mike as beef, she manages to get some sweet shots. She looks good, but Mike doesn't really, with a kind of uncertain expression... 

She's posey to begin with but seems to have done ok towards the end. She has a really nice smile anyway, so she doesn't really need to do very much to nail this type of photo.

She's uncomfortable with her smile and is awkward, making Yu Tsai work hard to get her in the right place. She needs to be more versatile! Her photo does look awkward, her smile is kind of not proportional, kind of like she's happy that she's hiding a fart or something.

At panel, the judges liked Tawan, whilst being mixed with Julian, with Cindy definitely not approving of Yu Tsai's total hate of her. 

In the end, first call out goes to...

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

'The Girl on the Train' Film Trailer Preview

Based on the best seller by Paula Hawkins, the movie adaptation was fast tracked to the big screen.

Drawing strong comparisons to Oscar nominated 'Gone Girl', Emily Blunt stars as a bored divorcee who passes by a house every day on the train, imagining the life of a perfect couple within. When one day, she witnesses something tragic, she becomes entangled as the menacing truth unfolds.

Also stars Luke Evans, Justin Theroux, Lisa Kudrow and Rebecca Ferguson.

The film will be released in October. Check out the trailer below:

Sunday, 17 April 2016

'Mr Right' Film Review

Action comedy 'Mr Right' sees Anna Kendrick's Martha as a psychochick who struggles to find her prince Charming. After her latest boyfriend cheats on her, Martha meets ex-hit-man Francis (Sam Rockwell) and connect instantly.

But as his past of killing catches up with him and Martha finds out the truth, Francis must single handedly win back the love of his life whilst avoiding killing anyone else despite a group of gangsters seeking him out.


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